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Friday meet and greet

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8:45 – 9:15

9:15 – 9:30

9:30 – 10:15

Doors open – Registration

Welcome – Molly Moore

Opening Panel:Sex in the Mainstream Media

With Paisley Gilmour, Morenike Adebayo and Rebecca Reid.

This panel will cover the challenges of writing about sex for the mainstream media. What are some taboo subjects that you can’t talk about. What is the best way to get your voice heard in the media? Is the writing only to titillate the readers

10:20 – 11:20

Sex Blogging as Feminism and Social Justice: Sarah Brynn Holliday

Sex Blogging as Feminism and Social Justice will explore the numerous ways writing and blogging about sex is truly social justice in practice. Much of mainstream culture tells people who advocate for social justice that we need to settle down at mainstream nonprofits or take a “socially acceptable” job to make a difference, and even in progressive spaces, writing about sex without shame and stigma isn’t usually seen as acceptable.

Well, mainstream culture is wrong: this work is justice work. I want bloggers to feel empowered and supported in their work as progressive feminist writers and educators, and know that they play a key role in shifting culture. Bloggers are an integral part of feminism and social justice more broadly, and our radical work and writing about sex absolutely have a place within the feminist movement. Calling out a company for working with an abuser, building our careers on the necessity of body-safe sex toys and lubricants, and advocating for sexual freedom with everything we do are all feminist acts. Writing about sex, sexuality, queerness, pleasure, and consent without shame is revolutionary.

Auto (erotic) ethnography: Learning about our selves through our erotica : Meg-John Barker

A couple of therapists – Jack Morin and Brett Kahr – have written books suggesting that tuning into our erotic fantasies is a great way of cultivating self-understanding, particularly in relation to the difficult stuff we’ve been through and the survival strategies we developed to get through them. In this workshop Meg-John Barker discusses their latest project of weaving together erotic fiction, memoir, and self-help to explore what erotica reveals about our emotional lives and how we relate to ourselves and others. We’ll focus on the idea that our juciest fantasies and our worst nightmares can be flip sides of the same coin, and the suggestion that we can improve communication between the different sides of ourselves through fantasy and fic. You’ll be invited to explore some of your own erotic writing/fantasy in this way through the workshop.
An introduction to therapeutic theories of erotic fantasy
* An overview of self-help techniques for tuning into fantasies and their meanings
* An understanding of how your erotic fantasy and fiction might relate to your wider life
* An invitation to explore your own writing and reading of erotic further in this way

Sex Tech Hands On : With TBD

Drop-in session where you can have a play with some awesome sex toys and sex tech. We’ll be scrounging some of the cool new tech that’s available on the market including (hopefully) some VR headsets that are more advanced than Google Cardboard, a few teledildonic toys, and whatever else we can lay our eager hands on. Drop in at any time during these sessions to sate your curiosity, or just marvel at the fact that we literally live in the future now.

11:20 – 11:30

Coffee and Mingle

11:30 – 12:25

Obscene Text: Free Speech and the Written Word - Myles Jackman

Obscenity lawyer Myles Jackman discusses the impact of the case of R v GS (which extends the Obscene Publications Act to private, fantasy, one to one text chat) on erotic fiction writing.

Keep It Tight: Sex in Flash Fiction ~ Malin James

The purpose of this session is two-fold. The first is to give writers a set of tools that will help them to use the constraints of the flash format to their advantage. The second is to illustrate how sex can do even more than turn a reader on. Done right, it can also drive a narrative, which ties directly into the toolkit mentioned above. By the end of this session, a writer should be able to:


  1. Make the most of limited word counts through specificity and active voice.
  2. Use sex to convey meaning and impact.
  3. Eliminate filler and maximize the pivotal, telling details that get under a reader’s skin and make them crave more.
  4. Apply these tools to flash fiction and nonfiction, as well as to longer form writing.


From Zero to Hero Part 1

Starting from nothing Michael will take you from installing WordPress to having a functional site. He will cover best practices for security and speed. This session is limited to ten delegates and requires a sign up. You will need your own computer to take part.


12:30 – 13:15

Pitching 101: learn to sell your ideas - Girl on the Net

Earning money as a freelancer is about 20% writing, 30% staring at a blank page, and 50% pitching your ideas to people you’ve never met. In this talk, Girl on the Net will go through what makes a successful pitch, whether it’s for an article in the press, a blog post for a company, or even an entire book. It will include some dos and don’ts on crafting your pitch, as well as finding the right person to send it to. By the end you should have enough tips – as well as the confidence – to get out there and start pitching. This talk won’t make you a better person, but it’ll help you understand how to sell the incredible person you are already.

Sensual Erotica -Using all your Senses to Enhance your writing : Victoria Blisse

An essential part of writing multi level, engaging erotica is using all of the senses, not just touch.

This session will take each sense in turn and with the aid of a simple grape (yes, really) will illustrate how to positively and imaginatively use sight, touch, sound, smell and taste in your sex writing so your reader feels like they’re really there.

This will be an interactive workshop, where participants will work in smaller groups for most of the time with some whole group participation and a little bit of individual writing time too.

From Zero to Hero Part 2

Starting from nothing Michael will take you from installing WordPress to having a functional site. He will cover best practices for security and speed. This session is limited to ten delegates and requires a sign up. You will need your own computer to take part.

13:15 – 14:00


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14:00 – 15:00

Undressing Disability on and off screen: Inclusive sex, disclosure and devoteeism: Emily Rose Yates

A short explanation of the need for inclusive sex education in schools, and why we should be writing about this.
Hints and tips of how to disclose disability in person and on paper in a way that is sexy and seductive and won’t have potential partners running for the hills!
An exploration of ‘Meet the Devotees’, a BBC3 documentary Emily recently presented.
Open for questions regarding disability, sex and the media.
This will be an interactive talk in which delegates are encouraged, if not forced, to think of the disability and sex taboo in a completely new light – both in the way it is written and the way in which we converse about it and act on it.

Plotting the Erotic Story: Ashley Lister

The session considers the typical plot of a piece of erotic fiction (short stories and novel length material) and shows how this template can be used for each writer’s individual approach to erotic fiction.

The audience will come away with idea for how to use a story template to either develop their own fiction or to use to expand their boundaries into other sub-genres of erotic fiction outside their current comfort zone.

A KinkCraft Workshop

Hang out with the lovely Kink Craft and learn how to make your very own kinky bits and bobs!

15:05 – 16:00


Hot tips on how to run an A-grade X-rated podcast

Advice on how to make it in sex-based broadcasting, from a broad who’s done alright for herself. Alix Fox shares stories from behind the scenes* of The Guardian’s hit podcast Close Encounters as well as hugely popular show The Modern Mann, and discusses the techniques and approaches she’s discovered work like a (wet) dream, as well as those that can end up making your recordings sounding flat ‘n’ flaccid.

* and scenes of people’s behinds

A History of Erotic Writing and Obscenity in Britain: Kate Lister

‘Pornography’ comes the Greek pornē ‘prostitute’ and graphein ‘write’; ‘pornography’ literally means written about, or by, prostitutes. Writers of erotic literature may not regard themselves as sex workers, but the etymology of ‘pornography’ reveals a deeply complex history of sex work and sex writers; at the heart of which is an implicit moral judgement about the writer, the subject and the audience.

In 1857, a series of obscenity laws known as the ‘Obscene Publications Acts’ were brought in, and have since dictated what material can legally be published in Britain. Obscenity was broadly defined by John Coleridge in 1868 as that which “tends to deprave and corrupt”. This talk will cover the history of erotic writing and the various obscenity laws brought in to attempt to suppress it; covering eighteenth-century publications of Sade, ‘Fanny Hill, ‘and obscene ballads, through to Victorian pornographic magazines, and the obscenity trials of ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, ‘Well of Loneliness’ and ‘Lolita’. Using court records, reviews and material distributed by various ‘anti vice societies’, the talk will address how material is defined as ‘obscene’, who defines this and how it may be challenged.

A KinkCraft Workshop

Hang out with the lovely Kink Craft and learn how to make your very own kinky bits and bobs!

16:00 – 16:20

Coffee and Mingle

16:20 – 17:30

Steel and Stilettos Fitness Masterclass: JetSet Jasmine

Steel & Stilettos Fitness™ is a fusion fitness program. This program is a unique blended balance of body weight strength training, cardiovascular exercise & sexy movements; with an emphasis on confidence building.

It incorporates fitness activities to strengthen all participants’ needs to strut their stuff, with a sharp focus on glutes, legs, core, and abdominals. High Heels are used in the final segment of the class to allow participants to experience proprioception once targeted muscles have been stimulated. The class combines diverse music genres and tempos, exercises and affirmations throughout; to tone and sculpt mind and body.

Hands On Rope Workshop: Djfet

Suitable for absolute beginners – please bring your own rope, any type will do, and safety shears.

Students will learn how to tie simple ties safely. How to inspire confidence in their partner. Learn how to restrict movement safely and sexily.

The session is restricted to 30 people, there will be an online sign up form. Please notify us if you sign up for the session and are unable to attend as there will be a waiting list. Register Here

Stimulating the visual imagination - Erotic Life Drawing and writing with John Benge and Tabitha Rayne

A workshop that aims to whet writers’ creative appetite with an almost voyeuristic study of the human form.
We hope that by having a life model as visual stimulus (ie – John, naked and possibly in some rather compromising positions) we will explore and provide inspiration for erotic creativity . After all, having someone pose live for your undivided attention is a unique experience indeed.
Writers can draw, write or discuss to get their thoughts flowing – it really will be a mix up of genres and medium.
We are looking forward to collaborating again.

Saturday Social

We are pleased and proud to announce the line up for our Saturday Social


9:45 – 10:15

Doors open with teas and coffees for a gentle start

Sponsored by Chaturbate

10:15 – 11:15

Hashtag Sex Work: Twitter, Sex Work and Whores of Yore: Kate Lister

This session explores how the micro-blogging platform Twitter provides a space for academics, writers and sex workers to engage with one another in an active process of feedback, reciprocal communication and attribution. Twitter has changed research, especially historical research, into sex work by allowing academics to engage with their research subjects, new audiences and widening participation beyond the Ivory Tower’s walls. Drawing upon my own experience of Twitter and the sex work community, this paper discusses how twitter, used properly, allows researchers to bridge the gap between academic, historical research, and the authentic sex worker voice. The process is one of democratisation, as Twitter facilitates a discussion, not a lecture, and enables an ethical shift in researching sex work.

Moving beyond the value of Twitter as a social platform, I will also discuss how I find and archive materials through Twitter, and the benefits of using social media platforms to promote research. I will also address the opportunities this has presented.

Tips for getting your work into Print: Anna Sky

– Why get your work into print
– Introduction to CreateSpace and its pros and cons
– Tax considerations for UK-based writers and bloggers
– ISBN & trim size considerations
– Interior and cover design tips
– Legal considerations
– Author copies

A KinkCraft Workshop

Hang out with the lovely Kink Craft and learn how to make your very own kinky bits and bobs!

11:20– 12:20

Blogging 102: How to Sustain a Strong and Healthy Blog (or: How To Keep your Blog Posts Coming) ILB

You may be satisfied with the way you write or the amount of traffic you have… but that doesn’t mean that content always flows freely. Waiting for the muse to strike isn’t always as fruitful as one might hope, and bloggers of any and all levels of experience may just be left with the eternal question: what do you do when all you have is a blank screen?


This should be an interactive session – ideas engendered by small group work and whole-room discussion and feedback – pinpointing the reasons that cause the blogger to lose inspiration, and the way they can get through this block.

Bloggers will have the chance to share their ideas throughout the session, chaired by ILB, who also has his own tips and tricks to divulge.

The aim of the session is to encourage bloggers to take the reins, bringing to the fore ideas that generate enthusiasm and passion for sex blogging, leading to a whole host of new content for the bloggers themselves and the community at large.

Adult Industry for People of Color : JetSet Jasmine, King Noire

The owners of Royal Fetish Film and JSJ, share their personal and professional experience with disparities of race in the Adult Entertainment Industry. The duo tackles the gaps in representation, financial compensation and recognition of entertainers in the Adult Industry, a replica of American culture. Participants will engage in an interactive presentation and discussion on how colonialism and institutional racism holds no bar in a billion dollar industry.
The duo will present the challenges for entertainers of color, including inability to portray roles beyond the objectified and/or subservient to the authoritative roles of whites. Participants will be better equipped to serve as advocates to all adult entertainers and sex workers and to challenge mainstream culture’s pervasive race inequalities in adult entertainment policies.


A KinkCraft Workshop

Hang out with the lovely Kink Craft and learn how to make your very own kinky bits and bobs!

12:20 – 13:15


13:15 – 14:15

Alternative Endings : Rachel Kincaid

How to write ‘alternative’ erotica
Understanding what traditional tropes and story lines are
Understanding your audience
‘Slight of hand’ writing, how to misdirect your reader
Does there have to be a happy ending? Examining what we feel that we want from our writing over what we ‘should’ want.

Conflict Resolution in the "Call Out" Era - War Stories from the Internet Trenches : Ruby Goodnight

In the last year or so, we have seen a number of adult-based companies make smart social media decisions, and others who have crashed and burned. In this session we will examine how successful companies handle their social media conflicts in a constructive manner, and learn lessons from those that didn’t quite reach that level. A combination of marketing strategy, building a social media presence you can stand buy, and good ole fashioned conflict resolution will help you avoid the catastrophic errors others have made.
-Guidance on how to handle a response when your organization is ‘called out’ on social media
-Tips on how to make smart social media decisions that reflect your business’s core values
-Technology that will asssit you in maintaining a social media presence
-Effective ways of consumers leveraging their social media power to make change

Pitch to a Company/Pitch to a Publisher

Want to get your book idea noticed? This panel will feature editors who have a broad range of publishing experience. Beginning with a Q+A, you can ask our experts your burning questions – whether it’s about your manuscript or your ideas or the publishing process itself. After the Q+A (time and guests allowing), there will be the opportunity to chat to them one on one, so if you have a specific proposal you’d like to discuss, bring your best elevator pitch. There will also be the opportunity to chat one-on-one to some companies who commission writing for their corporate blogs, for those looking to expand their freelance blogging (or make a start on their freelance career).

14:20 – 15:20

How to use your blog to educate : Emmeline Peaches, Formidable Femme, Hot Octopuss

Thanks to society’s reluctance to talk about sex, many issues suffer from a woeful lack of coverage. In this panel, bloggers and companies will discuss the ways in which blogging can help spread the word about issues such as vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, STIs, Mental health and more, and how you can join them in leading the conversation to get more people opening up about sex and sexual health.

Fanfiction and the power of shared erotica: Val Prozorova

A brief look into the power of fan fiction as a medium, and an incredibly useful stepping stone to safely get into reading and writing erotica. It is not only a way to connect people through a safe and accessible environment, but also a great way to start in on the publishing world. While the content of fandoms themselves isn’t pertinent for this talk, what they mean to the community – and the writing world at large – certainly is. In short, this is a talk about the latest ‘dirty little secret’ in the writing industry that people of our interests and tastes will appreciate a peek into, from someone who started out behind the curtain.


The idea of using a red hot poker to burn a symbol or image into your skin is a powerful one. Humans have quite literally been doing it for thousands of years. Gryph is here to talk about, and demonstrate, how branding fits into sensual exploration, ownership, fear, and personal expression.

There is also an option to try your hand at it yourself (with a consenting model, or Gryph himself).

15:20 – 15:40

Coffee and Mingle

Sponsored by Chaturbate

15:40 – 17:00

Erotic readings hosted by Zak Jane Keir

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