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Friday meet and greet

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Welcome – Molly Moore

Keynote - The good, the bad and the sexy: a look back at 2017 and forward to next year

Girl on the Net will take us on a whistlestop tour of key events from the world of sex over the last year: key challenges, emerging trends, fights against censorship, and other standout moments from 2017. We’ll conclude with a look at what’s coming up in 2018, and why Eroticon attendees are so important in shaping our discussion on sex in the future.


Remittance Girl - Taboo

This session digs into the mechanism of taboo and how it elicits an erotic response. We journey through history and across cultures looking at the evolution of taboos in their cultural and historical contexts. The audience is then invited to make a survey of current cultural norms and values and play with constructing new taboos to explore and apply to their work.

RMGirl - Record keeping in a gender fluid world (and the right to have your past forgotten)

With the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 and the ‘right to be forgotten’ is it as easy for an organisation to forget who you are based your past ? and how can an organisation clinically understand and meet your needs as we move forward with gender fluid world ahead of us. Are systems equipped to deal with this? What guidance is available to organisations? Would you risk your health in order for you to be forgotten? RM Girl explores the requirements of the updated law (updated from Data Protection Act 1998) and also explores the options that an organisation can undergo in order to meet a patients needs in the current climate and future.



Coffee and Mingle


Kayla Lords - How to Make Money from Your Blog Without Losing Your Soul or Your Audience

This session will discuss real ways I’ve made money through my personal blog over the years with a realistic view that it’s not quick, it’s not easy, and it requires effort but it is definitely doable. Attendees will walk away with things they can do immediately (once they get back to their blog) and things to keep in mind as they move forward. Rule number one – don’t fuck over your audience. Rule number two – show up. Rule number three – have a plan.

The Pageist - Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the ability to control your dreams. It’s the ultimate video game. It’s also excellent for exploring impossible sexual fantasies. Or beating up old bullies. Or eating anything you want. Or revisiting your favourite holiday spot. Or decorating your dream house while flying and being invisible. This session includes what lucid dreaming is, how to get started with it, and why it’s useful (how else are you going to have that Daniel Craig gangbang?). If people already do this, we can share tips and hacks.



Hannah Witton - Vlogging 101

Your chance to have all your questions about vlogging answered. Talk + Q&A all about how to start, creating a channel, coming up with video ideas, scheduling, advertisers and brands. We’ll have a look at what other channels are creating content on YouTube around sex and take a practical look at your filming setup and what equipment/editing software you’ll need.

Victoria Blisse - Sex Blogging for Authors and Other Shy Creatures.

A guide to sex blogging for those who have never thought themselves brave enough to ‘put it all out there’I will use my own personal experience as a 10 years published author who’s only recently embraced the advantages of sex blogging.

I’ll give hints and tips on how to do it, photo suggestions for those who won’t show their face or other body parts and themes to embrace and avoid.

We’ll have a go at writing an example sex blog, giving attendees at least 1 post they could put on their blogs once they get home.

The focus will be on the advantages, in numbers of viewers to your blog, sales (books will be my focus) and also the confidence boosting and personal gains you can get from it.


Neil Brown - Essential legal tips for sex writers and bloggers

From competitions to copyright, deals with freelance commissioners to data protection, and content moderation and liability to advertising and sponsorship, this session will be a non-stop series of practical legal tips for sex bloggers and writers, with time for your own questions.

Essential if you make money from your writing and blogging, or are thinking about doing so, but there will be something for everyone here.




Annabelle Knight - The Erotica Effect – Exploring the Modern Dimensions of the Erotica Genre

An overview of the impact of erotica in the mainstream media: Annabelle has a lot of experience working with the media – in magazines and on radio and TV. How has the conversation about sex changed in the last few years? What are the key things that grab reader/press attention when promoting books and articles about sex, and what have been her key successes and challenges when talking about sex to a mainstream audience?

Miss Eve E - Disability & Sex Work

The session aims to give an inside view of what it’s like working within the adult industry whilst at the same time having a physical disability. Also to draw parallels between disability stigma, and sex work stigma – speaking personally as someone with a finger in each pie, whilst noting that sex work and disability are very similar in how they’re viewed – as something sensational yet marginalised and ‘not normal’.

Kayla Lord Podcasting Panel

A panel discussion with multiple podcasters who will discuss why we podcast, what we talk about, how we plan episodes, what methods we use, and how it helps our blog/business/goals.


Vac Play


Emmeline Peaches - Cracking The Whip?: Different Approaches to Sex Toy Activism

The adult community have been passionate advocates for sex toy safety and company ethics over the years. This boomed in 2017, when the ever-increasing sex writer collective began to really hold companies (and each other) to account.

But how does one practice sex toy activism?

Is there ever one right way?

This talk spawned from my own fascination about how we engage with companies (and each other) moving forward. Identifying the primary points of activism among the blogging community we will look at some of the current models of sex toy activism, traditional frameworks of activism as practiced by pre-existing advocacy groups, and the potential effectiveness and impact that each model may have when applied to our own tactics.

It will also ask the difficult questions: Are there some forms of sex toy activism that do more harm than good? How do we handle the well-practiced ‘company (or blogger) call out’? How far is too far?

Anna Sky - Self-Editing Tips and Tricks

Advantages of self-editing
Limits of self-editing
Basics – e.g. spelling and grammar
Advanced – e.g. point of view/head-hopping, adverbs, sentence length variation
Method – keeping it simple, looking at it in ‘layers’
Tools – free tools to help catch issues, along with their pros and cons
Open discussion/Questions – would love to get feedback from everyone about how they do it and create shared resources to put in the Eroticon forum afterwards

Vac Bed


Coffee and Mingle



Nearly 2 hours of kinky workshops for you to dip in and out of. Ever seen or wanted see Wax Play, ElectraStim, Vacuum Play? KinkLab is the place to do all of that as well as touch a large variety of impact and sensation play toys provided by our very own Domsigns and Molly.  A brilliant opportunity to watch, ask, and maybe even have a little play yourself!

Saturday Social

Keep your eye on this page for the location and time of the Saturday Night Social



Doors open with teas and coffees for a gentle start

Welcome and announcements for Sunday newcomers!


Oloni - Does a hall pass work?

Oloni’s session will touch on why women are still faking orgasms and why she decided to stop lying about achieving hers to discussing open relationships in a society that’s mono obsessed. Does a hall pass work? Or is it a recipe to a disaster?

Natalia Grubizna - Designing your sexy, sexy product

Some online influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram personalities want to go beyond posting their content online and create something valuable for their readers, fans and followers. This workshop-based session will allow the attendees to uncover their potential of creating a digital or a physical product for their influencees to purchase, thus allowing the creators to have a passive source of income. Regardless if it would be an online course, a series of artworks printed on a T-shirt or a sex toy, the participants will gain confidence that it is achievable, no matter the size of their audience. The session will be full of real live examples of people from the sex blogging industry who have released their own products as well. The participants will take part in specially designed exercises that will help them uncover their potential as sexy, sexy product designers, allocate the right time to start working on and to release their product, as well as find the right people or organisations to help them through the process. After the session, I would love for the attendees to be able to recognise when they can go big on their project and when it would be better for them to actually go small (but with similar levels of satisfaction).

KinkCraft - Making kinky things
Cressida Dowling - Is there a book in your blog?

Do you feel there’s a book in your blog but you don’t know where to start? This is an interactive session looking at participants’ blogs and suggesting next steps for your writing.

Bring details of your blog (title, overall summary, a couple of best-performing blog posts) and any other information you think may be useful.


Jamie Lawson - Becoming a queer anthropologist

The process of coming out represents a continuous negotiation between personal and public identity that can have
an effect on many aspects of life, and may be particularly keenly felt by those writing about sex and sexuality. Questions of objectivity and authenticity loom heavy when writing about something as politically charged as sex. In this talk, Jamie explores the connection of his own coming out process to his development as a sex researcher.

Fetish.com - Getting it up! How to raise your writing visibility on Google

We will share our know-how of content optimisation with real SEO tactics based on current content on the Fetish.com Online Magazine. The session will include our process of optimisation, how to measure it and maximising success based on creating new content opportunities. Our knowledge is based on the real experience of working together with a UK based SEO agency and professional freelance writers & journalists.

KinkCraft - Making kinky things






Nina Saini - The adult industry in the 21st century

With over 12 years experience working closely with adult brands, Nina gives an overview of the adult industry in 2018: what are the key challenges facing companies in this space, and what opportunities are there for bloggers who want to work with big names in the adult sector?

Kendra Holliday - Shocking the System: When Your True Life Tales Cross the Line

So…how much is too much when it comes to publicly sharing a sex life that borders on freakishly fantastical? How do you protect play partner’s identities when painting vivid pictures of your reality? What parts do you alter? Which lines do you blur? Are any topics off limits? What if you publish something you regret? Raunchy and red-faced Kendra Holliday of The Beautiful Kind shares her most embarrassing blogging blunders as examples of what to consider, what to avoid, and how to navigate damage control.


Lori Smith - The surprising history of the bra

What links a whippet named Clytoris, the Miss America beauty pageant, a pair of jockstraps, and a mechanical bull? Oh yes, that’ll be the brassiere, my friend. Whether you’re a fiction writer looking for background details or simply a bra-wearer with an interest in this unique garment’s history, this session aims to reveal secrets about the bra’s colourful past that you never thought you needed to know.

Panel - How to give responsible sex advice

When you’re talking publicly about sex, whether sex educator, toy reviewer, or erotic writer, you will likely be asked at some point to give advice and guidance to consumers. But giving advice can be a difficult line to walk: how do you make sure that you’re offering help in a responsible manner? Which areas should you avoid, and what resources are out there for you to use when guiding your readers? Attendees are advised to bring some of their burning questions for our panel to answer. With Dr Meg-John Barker and Justin Hancock of @megjohnjustin

MIchael Knight - Tech for Blog Success

Learn how to make your blog more search engine friendly, all the new requirements to keep you at the top of rankings including AMP, Image Alt Text, and SSL. If you are self hosted or thinking about self hosting this is the session for you


Sarah Brynn Holliday; Sarah Jane - Financial Wizardry for Sex Bloggers

In Financial Wizardry for Sex Bloggers, “the Sarahs” will help guide Eroticon attendees through a crash course on how to make money on your sex blog! We believe creative work has value and no matter where you are in your career, you deserve to be paid for it. We’ll discuss various ways to monetize your blog (advertising, sponsored posts, sponsored trips, etc.), how to set fair and equitable rates, how to work with companies you want to or are conducting business with, and how to protect yourself and your rights. We’ll also share mistakes and blunders we’ve made or encountered in the past and how to prevent those missteps from happening to you.

Molly Moore - Photographing Eroticon

Your task is to take some creative photographs centered around the theme of Eroticon. You can take them in the lead up to the event, during the Friday evening meet & greet or Saturday at the conference. You might have the perfect hotel room for pictures or maybe find the perfect location in London. Your image does not have to contain people, or necessarily be revealing but it will need to be creative. You will need to email me your chosen image(s) to molly@mollysdailykiss.com by midnight on the Saturday. During the session we will look through those images, talk about what people have done and why and also look at various ways of editing the images (both phone editing & desktop editing will be used) to maybe change them completely or just enhance them.


Sex Tech Panel - What will sex look like in 20 years time?

Eroticon attendees are at the heart of changes in sex: how we talk about it, the toys and tools we use, and the changing attitudes towards sex and relationships in our society. On this panel, we gather experts from the field of sex tech and online content to discuss how the way we talk about sex is changing, the way that tech is influencing our sex lives, and the key challenges that we will face in the future. Attendees are invited to bring their burning questions, and join the panel on a trip to the future of sex.

Stephanie Alys from sponsor Mystery Vibe

Tim from Lovegivr

Dan Cooper, senior tech at Engadget

Neil Brown, data lawyer and futureofsex nerd


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