Eroticon 2014 schedule

This year we are including a range of two hour workshops as well as the usual range of 45 minute sessions.   This will allow delegates to choose between a wide range of topics as well as having the opportunity to dig deeper into specific subjects.

The two hour workshops are included in the price of the one day and two day conference tickets or you buy a single session ticket for them.

Take me to Eroticon 2014 Eroticon 2014 schedule

Please note that the schedule is not final and is subject to change.[hr]

Friday 7th March – Meet and greet

Details to be confirmed

Saturday 8th March – Eroticon 2014 conference, day one.

9:00 : Registration [hr]

9:30 – 9:45 : Welcome : Ruby Kiddell

9:45 – 10:30 : Keynote session

Censorship: from on-line to print how censorship affects you : Myles Jackman : Zak Jane Keir : Pandora Blake

Sex has always been a target for censorship and while in some ways the world is becoming more open to talking about sex or seeing its portrayal in the media there are still areas of censorship that we all need to be aware of; from private companies such as Amazon, Google and Paypal who try to decree what can and cant be written, promoted and sold to government censorship of which websites we can access.  Censorship affects us all, whether we know it or not.

10:30 – 12:30 In depth two hour writing workshop: single session ticket just £25

 The Lister-Dent short story formula for erotic fiction : Ashley Lister (2 hour workshop)

The “Lester Dent master plot” is a formula that has been used in pulp fiction to create formulaic stories. Usually the Lester Dent formula is used as the basis for murder mysteries and pulp stories that are not intrinsically erotic. Moreover, the content of a typical Lester Dent short story would usually include deaths and violence – activities that are usually frowned on by traditional publishers of mainstream erotica.

Who is it for: Writers & publishers – authors with some publishing history and publishers looking to identify formulaic writing to either capitalise on trends or eschew the repetitive.

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10:30 – 11:15 : Session 1

Using Words: making labels work for you :  Molly Moore :  Harper Eliot

An open discussion on the use of terminology, labels, and language. From BDSM to relationships to sex itself, our language is littered with labels and “technical terminology”. We would like to offer a discussion on making these terms work for you, rather than vice versa. From fiction to blogging to writing mini autobiographies, we use labels all the time; but no one wants to be put in a box or to live under the assumptions or expectations of others’ interpretations.

Who is it for: All writers, all levels of experience. [hr]

Talk to the Press : Mia More :  Emily Dubberley

Want to get the heads up on getting press coverage and how to make sure you get your point across without being ambushed by the journalist you’re talking to?  The team behind Cliterati share their experience of press and PR to help you stay one step ahead.

Who is it for: Bloggers and writers of all levels of experience that want to manage their press coverage more effectively. [hr]

11:30 – 12:15 : Session 2

Body language – knowing your arse from your elbow in sex writing! : Lily Hastings

An interactive session exploring the body’s anatomy and physiology.

The session will aim to build upon knowledge in the human body and understanding how the body’s movement can be interpreted through basic movement analysis and kinesiology… simply put I hope this session will help attendees to minimise the likelihood of mistaking an arse with an olecranon!

This will be achieved through developing:

  • basic language used to describe anatomical positions during sex writing.
  • an improved understanding of the body and it’s anatomy, which bit fits with which bit and into which bit!
  • an improved knowledge & confidence when describing the body and kinesiology within sexual context.
  • an improved understanding of the basic sexual anatomy and the relevance of the male and female pelvic anatomy in sex and during orgasm.
  • a brief introduction to the science / physiology behind reaching orgasm and ‘sub space’

Who is it for: Bloggers, writers and anybody interested in an improved knowledge of surface anatomy / anatomy & physiology.  All levels of experience. [hr]

Professional copy writing in an adult arena : Cara Sutra

Drawing on her own experience Cara will talk you through what it takes to succeed at copywriting in the adult industry.

From the time commitments as well as experience, knowledge and training required.   Exploring the relationship between sex blogging and copy writing as well as myth busting and giving an overview of skills and knowledge base needed to succeed.

Who is it for: writers of all levels and disciplines [hr]

12:30 – 13:30 : Lunch

13:30 – 15:30 : In depth two hour writing workshop: single session ticket just £25

Erotic Romance : Primula Bond

Session sponsors

This workshop will introduce Primula Bond with her own story of how she came to write erotica after being rejected by Mills and Boon for being too explicit, and how she was on the point of giving it up a year or so ago because it was becoming too dark and hard core for her liking, but she was persuaded to write an erotic romance trilogy by her editor at Harper Collins. She will then share her views on some of the misconceptions of the mainstream about what erotica is and how it differs from pornographery.

Primula will then give some tips on the techniques required to create any fiction but with an emphasis on the particular and often misunderstood genre of erotica. She aims to show how well- written erotica can be adventurous without being brutal, believable while contained within the realms of fantasy, how to use the story-telling arc of crescendo, climax and resolution to build up sexual tension, and how to write a good sex scene. Some colourful examples from literature as well as from the ‘Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction Awards’ will be quoted.

She then wants to shift the temperature by throwing the floor open to her listeners, so be prepared to forage in your imaginations for some sizzling examples of your own writing, as well as being prepared to listen to and offer critiques of each other’s work. She particularly asks that the participants are humorous and open-minded, because they will be required to park their inhibitions firmly at the door.

Finally Primula is happy to answer any questions about erotica – and she means, any questions.

Who is it for: Anyone wanting to break into writing erotic romance, beginner and experienced writers alike.

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13:30 – 14:15 : Session 3

Sex and Spirituality : KD Grace : Victoria Blisse

A discussion of the connection between sex and spirituality focusing on how that intrinsic connection affects writers and bloggers and their work and how important tolerance is to the effective portrayal of sex.

Who is it for: Writers and bloggers, anyone else who is interested. No experience required.[hr]

Photography workshop : Jay Emme

Enjoy your photos as much as you enjoy your toys. Learn how to take a decent shot, and have have your product photography fit to go on any blog or website. Bring a camera and your favourite sex toy.


14:30 – 15:15 : Session 4

Building tension: conflict and consent in erotic fiction : Judith Watts :  Mirren Baxter

In porn nothing gets in the way of sex.  That’s not the case in erotic fiction.  If tension keeps us turning pages, how can we combine sex and conflict to create great stories?  How does conflict affect desire and consent?

This exercise-based creative writing session will explore these essential elements – looking at how sex arises from conflict, or how it leads to conflict by getting in the way of the character’s goals.

Writers will have explored conflict-based reasons for characters to have sex, identifying the ones that push their own imaginative buttons and generating new story ideas.

Tag Team Traffic Building Session : Ruby Goodnight :  Michael Knight

Come one, come all to the Tag Team Traffic Building Session with your Hosts: Ruby Goodnight and Michael Knight. This session will take you deep into the thrilling word of applying successful Traffic Building techniques to your website. From which plugins to use all the way through to how to structure your content, this dynamic duo will leave your heart pounding with geeky excitement.

This session is ideal for those who are looking to drive traffic to any style of website, including your Amazon sales page, Goodreads review page, sex blog or toy review site.

*Warning: This program may contain explicit technical talk and may not be appropriate for those with Asthma or Heart Conditions. Erections lasting more than four hours may require medical attention. Please contact your Doctor to be sure you are ready for Traffic Building activities.

Who is it for: Bloggers and writers of all levels who want to maximise traffic and sell more books. [hr]

15:30 – 16:00 : Break

16:00 : 17:30 Ecstatic BDSM Demonstration: demonstration only ticket just £25

A Place of Power – the exquisite grace of deep surrender : London Faerie

The world is full of non-consensual domination. Power is often taken rather than given: in the workplace, in intimate relationships and in the family. This hurts, and often results in us repeating the same negative patterns when we get some power ourselves.

In Ecstatic BDSM we work differently with power: the dominant creates a space of love and presence into which the submissive can drop and let go. By choosing to give up control the submissive experiences a deep and empowering surrender; by receiving control the dominant learns to wield power responsibly, with love. Through this exchange we heal the wounds caused by power taken against our will in other areas of our lives – and become more empowered, whichever role we take.

In this talk Faerie demonstrates this powerful practice with his partner marti. First Faerie & marti talk about the dynamics of dominance and submission, then you have a chance to witness marti receiving and wearing her collar. The collar is a powerful symbol of marti’s choice to submit to Faerie.

Once she is collared you can witness Faerie working with her in this state of chosen submission. You also have a chance to interact with marti while she is collared, to experience for yourself the pleasure and responsibility of conscious dominance.

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17:30  Close [hr]

Velvet Books Cocktail party

From 8pm at The Elephant Bar, St Nicholas Street, Bristol.

Full details here.[hr]

Sunday 9th March Eroticon 2014 conference, day two.

10:30 – 12:30 In depth two hour writing workshop: single session ticket just £25

Fiction in a Flash : Kristina Lloyd (2 hour workshop)

Microfic, quickies, short shorts or flash: whatever you call the form, there’s no doubting that byte-sized erotica is on the up. In this practical, two hour workshop, we’ll explore tips and techniques for working in miniature, using a range of exercises to create very short stories which expand, linger and demand to be re-read.

From Kristina’s Eroticon 2013 workshop: ‘45 minutes of the best creative writing teaching and learning I’ve ever attended’; ‘I left with a renewed zest for the written word’; ‘genuinely inspiring and incredibly helpful

Who is it for: writers of all levels and disciplines.

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10:30 – 11:15 : Session 1

Step up: making the move from short stories to novels :  Lucy Felthouse : Kay Jaybee

An interactive session looking at how you to transition from short stories to novellas and novels.  Using her own experiecne as an example Lucy will look at storylines, planning, staying focussed and getting your novellas and novels published.

Who is it for: Short story writers looking to develop towards novellas and novels. [hr]

Taking Control of Twitter – How To Build A Better Audience With This Social Media Platform : Ruby Goodnight

Not getting what you want from your Twitter experience?  Or are you brand new to this hot social media tool and want to start off on the right foot?

In this fast paced and interactive session, Ruby will take you through setting up an account for the first time the right way, find your target audience that will result in follow backs and page hits, and establishing the right balance between autoposting and your everyday tweeting.

Are you an author who isn’t sure how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your sales pages? Struggling to separate “you” from your “product” on Twitter?

We’ll discuss ways to make Twitter work for you in the way you want it to. We’ll go over popular 3rd party Twitter applications to help you mange your accounts as well as tools you can use on your blog to maximize traffic on this adult friendly and fast growing social media platform. #AreYouReady?

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to get more traffic to their websites via Twitter – so bloggers, publishers, writers – anyone with their own site. For beginner to intermediate level Twitter users.  [hr]

11:30 – 12:15 : Session 2

Sex Toy Reviews: The Management & Monetisation of Masturbation : Cara Sutra

Everything sex toy reviews – Cara will take delegates through the complete process from your first adult product review to regularly sourcing free sex toys for the purpose of review on a website or blog.  She’ll include top tips and highlights for an effective and thorough adult product / sex toy review.

She’ll help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes and show you how to add value  for both the reader as well as the retailer as well as help you get the best use of affiliate schemes and how to turn sex toy reviews into pocket money (or more!).

You’ll leave with a greater understanding of the value of sex toy reviews, to the reviewer, the reader and the retailer/manufacturer and why sex toy reviews are important.

Who is it for: Bloggers, sex toy reviewers/community members, adult product industry members of all levels of experience. [hr]

 I recognise your vagina but not your face – how much do we share with our readers? : Anna Sansom

Whether you write erotic fiction or your own sex blog (or both) inevitably questions are going to arise about your anonymity, confidentiality, and how much personal experience you share and draw from (about yourself and your partner/s).

This session aims to give space to ask these questions and help you to find your own answers: answers that are authentic for you and help to set your personal boundaries. As part of this session you can write your own clear guidelines for what you do and do not say/show etc, thus giving you more confidence in your writing and your messages.

Who is it for: Erotica writers and bloggers, all experience levels. [hr]

12:30 – 13:30 : Lunch[hr]

13:30 – 15:30 : In depth two hour writing workshop: single session ticket just £25

House of erotica erotic fiction

Session sponsors

A Blisse Guide to Smut: How to write a short story from inspiration to publishing :  Victoria Blisse : Lucy Felthouse :  KD Grace 

An experienced team of writers and editors take you through the process of writing eroitca from inspiration to getting published and getting paid!

The session will include practical tips on writing, working with publishers as well as readings and a chance to ask your questions.

Who is it for: Novice writers and anyone wanting to make their first steps into writing erotica and erotic romance and getting published.

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13:30 – 14:15 : Session 3

Writing Out Loud: turning your story into sound : Harper Eliot : Gryphon

How to turn good writing into great oral storytelling. A session that considers what it takes to turn a good piece of writing into a great piece of audio or a great live reading.

Sometimes the best way to kill a story, is to try and read it to an audience. Sometimes the soul of a monologue dies on paper. Sometimes your literary role model comes crashing down when they open their mouth. Sometimes the sound of the narrator’s voice ruins the story.

But then there are the times where the narrator lifts a stale story and imbues it with movement. Those times when a story isn’t just read at you, but the performance of it pulls you along and reveals new perspectives and passion. And often it’s the same story, told by a different person.

So what’s the difference between reading and performing, between words on paper and spoken aloud, and how do you do right by your stories when you lift them off the paper and sound them to an audience or a microphone?  How do you make your audience want to hear more?

We will discuss the technical aspects of recording sound as/when appropriate within the session and you will leave the more confident, informed, and more willing to use your voices to tell stories

 Who is it for: Writers and bloggers of all levels and disciplines[hr]

Queer as Fuck: writing convincing gay erotica whatever your gender and sexuality : Josephine Myles :  Anna Martin

Two successful, multi-published female authors of gay erotica and erotic romance will take you on a tour of the methods they use to get inside the male mindset, and share their top tips for writing for the different sectors of the queer erotica market, including bi, trans and lesfic.

Who is it for: Fiction writers and would be writers of all levels of experience [hr]

Who is it for: New and established story writers but hopefully of wider general interest  [hr]

14:30 – 15:15 : Session 4

Powerful Post Writing: Writing & Editing for better blog content :  Molly Moore

This session will provide you with a list of key points to keep in mind when you write and edit your blog posts. A how to guide that will give a ‘readers eye view’ of what you do.

      • Making your post stand out. Capturing the reader and KEEPING them.
      • Titles, Opening paragraphs, Flow, Length, endings.
      • Layout, font, colours, visuals.
      • Important points to keep in mind. Where the reader reads and how much time they have to do it.
      • Writing for you & the reader.
      • Writing topics and suggestions.

Bring your pen and paper and we will be writing the 10 minute blog post.

Who is it for: Bloggers and writers of all levels of experience that want to improve their blog writing and impact it has. [hr]

Ask an editor : Cressida Downing : Barbara Cardy

An interactive question and answer session with experienced professionals from the worlds of editing and publishing. [hr]

15:30 – 16:00 : Break

16:00 : 17:30 Session 5

High Tea and Readings: readings only ticket just £25

Details to be confirmed[hr]

17:30  Close

Eroticon 2014 schedule