Eroticon Organizers

Eroticon is an annual community conference for erotic creatives to meet, learn, network and teach. A place where you can explore your erotic identity openly, safely and supportively.

The Team

The new team behind Eroticon is Molly Moore, Michael Knight and Girl on the Net who have joined forces to not only keep Eroticon alive, but to make it the premiere erotic creatives event in the UK.

Molly Moore – Operations Director

Author, Blogger, Photography. Molly is the founder of the successful Sinful Sunday photography meme, Pussy Pride project and custodian of Kink of the Week. She has been writing her own highly acclaimed sex blog Molly’s Daily Kiss since 2010. She has been a regular speaker at Eroticon since its inception back in 2012, even travelling to America to present at EroticonUSA in Atlanta. She is hugely excited about taking over Eroticon from Ruby Kiddell and working with her new partners on this project to take it forward into the future.

Michael Knight – Technical Director

Imported from the US by Molly, Michael has an extensive background in a wide variety of technical fields, from A/V to Networking to Web Technologies. Michael’s technology services are available for hire at Rumor has it that he is also fairly good with hitty things. He jumped head first into blogging this year with “This D/s Life” documenting his 24×7 D/s life with Molly in a post every single day of 2016. Michael feels that his proper title should be “Con Dom”

Girl on the Net – Marketing Director

Sex blogger, writer, enthusiast. Frequently . NEW BOOK out now and 99p on Kindle deal

The Event

What can you expect from Eroticon going forward? All the best of Eroticon in the past, plus a whole lot more. The next Eroticon will take place in March 2017 in London. We have spent many hours discussing and researching the underserved audiences in the community and have many ideas on how we can make Eroticon much more inclusive. We are going to include you, the loyal and faithful Eroticon delegates and sponsors in our future plans. We want you to help us guide the future of this amazing conference so that it helps us all become better at what we do. Eroticon couldn’t exist without the support the sex blogging and erotic writing community has shown over the last 5 years. We hope that you will join us in making the next five years even more successful.

History of Eroticon

Founded in 2012 by Ruby Kiddell, Eroticon was started as an event for erotic writers and bloggers to share knowledge and skills with their peers in an environment that fostered, personal growth, friendships and learning opportunities. The first Eroticon was a one day event which took place in Bristol (UK) in March 2012. There were 90 attendees and 12 hours of workshops, discussion panels and networking, the day was busy and inspiring, bringing together both experienced and novice writers and bloggers. Since that inaugural event there has been Eroticon 2013, a two day event which took place in London and featured a whole host of industry speakers such as Cindy Gallop, Zoe Margolis, and Remittance Girl, Eroticon USA in Atlanta and then a further 3 annual Eroticon conferences all of which have been 2 day events taking place in the vibrant city of Bristol
At the close of Eroticon 2016 Ruby Kiddell announced her retirement from the conference. She had worked tirelessly over the past 5 years to build a successful event that has helped to nurture and foster an often isolated and maligned community of creative people. Her commitment to Eroticon and its various sites had been unwavering but she felt that now it was time for new and different challenges in her life.
Now that Ruby has moved on to other projects it is time for a new chapter in the story of Eroticon.
Won’t you join us?

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