Sponsor Spotlight: Ceramic Pleasure

At Eroticon I hope to be able to showcase what the world of ceramics has to offer. In the grand scheme of things ceramics still isn’t a ‘mainstream’ material, despite having very long-standing roots in human (and sexual) history.
As a recently founded company, Eroticon will afford me the opportunity to meet like minded companies and individuals, in addition to the many people I have already become familiar with on Twitter. The warmth and generosity shown by the online community has already been quite overwhelming (and even emotional at times). I can’t wait to show my gratitude by showcasing the full potential of ceramics—a tactile material at its very core.
Supporting Eroticon 2017 is a privilege and honour. To be able to back such an event is incredibly important to me and I cannot wait to meet my fellow sponsors and delegates and to forge new friendships along the way.

Ceramic Pleasures Logo

First and foremost, my main consideration was body safety. Having had two previous partners that were sensitive to latex and silicone I wanted to make sure that there was a body safe alternative on the market. Knowing that glass was so popular and that ceramic had very similar components I thought I would experiment and the rest is history!

As a ceramicist and a sculptor I have a great love and passion for clay and for the way that it can easily convey different textural qualities. This allows me to make unique, hand-crafted designs which some have termed as Avant Garde in their conception.

No two Ceramic Pleasure dildos are exactly alike because no two individuals are. Catering to the needs of my client and helping them take their idea from concept to climax is what Ceramic Pleasures is all about. We aspire to inspire, no compromise!