Sponsor Spotlight: Freedoms Shop

Freedoms Shop on Eroticon

We are really excited to be joining forces with Eroticon 2017. Our brand is heavily focused on sex positivity, sexual health and education and as such we feel that Eroticon, which also embodies all these things, will be a perfect match for us.
We are looking forward to connecting with the sex blogging and writing community through Eroticon and working with them to expose our products to a much wider audience. We are particular excited to have the opportunity to further the conversation and positive messages surrounding safe sex and sexual health. We want to work towards removing the stigmas surrounding these subjects and enable as many people as possible to have access to both information and reliable STI screening.
The conference in March in London will give us a unique and exciting opportunity to not only share our products with the delegates but also learn from them and the work that they do. We are excited about the opportunity to meet people in person and we are thrilled to be able to support this community in the work that they do.

Freedoms Shop Logo

The Freedoms Shop is an NHS sexual health promotion initiative run by Central and North West London Foundation Trust (CNWL).

Because the Freedoms Shop purchases such large numbers of condoms to supply NHS trusts and GPs across the UK, we have been able to negotiate huge discounts on prices. In 2003, we decided to offer our wide selection of high-quality, low-price condoms and lubricants to the general public. With no profit motive, we have been able to pass these great savings onto all of our customers – giving more people access to trusted condom brands at an affordable price.

In 2015, Freedoms Shop started stocking a selection of home sampling and home testing kits for STIs. These revolutionary kits have been developed to simplify the process of helping at-risk individuals establish whether they have contracted a range of sexually transmitted infections.

The sampling kits can help identify HIV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphilis and hepatitis B and C – users simply have to provide a sample using the kit provided by Freedoms Shop and post them to the address supplied. The results will be quickly provided via text or phone.

The testing kits are even easier; the BioSure HIV Self Test will immediately identify your HIV status with no need to send off any samples or forms.

This is just part of the Freedoms Shop’s ongoing dedication to providing exceptional sexual health care – before and after sexual contact.