Crafting Erotic Fiction: Balancing Realism & Fantasy

Crafting Erotic Fiction: Balancing Realism & Fantasy

Violet GreyConference Room 4

Does fantasy imitate reality? Or reality imitate fantasy?

This is what I wish to speak about in session: How to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality in erotic fiction, so writers can craft a story that embodies the two.
Readers of the genre (and its many subgenres) want escapism and fantasy, but some also want real life as a foundation for their fantasies. How can a writer accomplish this and craft a story that has a foot in each camp?

In this session, I will be using my knowledge obtained in a MA in Creative writing, and my experience as an erotica and sex blogger, to speak with attendees about how to craft a solid erotic concept. This will include how to build relatable characters and plots, character development and various writing techniques (including some myth-busting regarding this) that can be used to create, flesh out and build your stories.

This will also cover: doing thorough research into topics you wish to write about (i.e. BDSM, LGBTQ+ characters, characters with disability etc.) and where erotic fiction writers can draw inspiration (reading materials of multiple genres, audio & visual erotica and porn, music, IRL experiences etc.)

The balance between realism and fantasy in erotic fiction has been debated for a long time. I believe I can use my qualifications and experience to speak to other writers who wish to expand their knowledge and writing experience, and build confidence in a genre that can be difficult to find one's feet. As well, for the more experienced writers, I hope this can be used to share more writing knowledge with them, thus building more on their writing foundations, if it fits their style and creative process.

Ideally, the presentation will be done with time open for any questions and answers afterwards, in keeping with the allotted time Eroticon gives.

Sat 10:01 am - 12:00 am