Eroticon Readings

Traditionally, we always end Eroticon with a cup of tea and some erotic readings. Hosted by the fantastic Zak Jane Keir, erotic writer and host of the Dirty Sexy Words reading slams, Sunday afternoon is a great chance to wind down at the end of the weekend and listen to some of the incredibly talented attendees.

Or if you’ve something you’d like to read yourself, fill out the form below – erotica, poetry, an extract from a book you’ve written, anything – as long as it’s sexy! Register your interest below.

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Hosted by: Zak Jane Keir

The Rules

  1. No longer than five minutes, seriously, five minutes
  2. No kids, No animals, No incest, No corpses, but other than that the filthier the better!
  3. No longer than five minutes (repetition helps people remember)
  4. You must fill out this form to read your work.
  5. See the number that starts this bullet point, that is how long your reading must be!
  6. In the box below please submit a sample of your work or a link to a sample of your work

Just to give you an idea, five minutes is around 650-850 words depending on how fast you read.