Why is Fetish.com sponsoring Eroticon 2019

Fetish.com is chuffed to be sponsoring Eroticon 2019!
 Don’t know who we are? Well, we’re a brand spanking new and fast-growing BDSM community for fetish dating. We offer a safe place for the kink-curious or life-long kinksters to explore fetish fantasies, get tips and meet up with like-minded people.

Based out of Barcelona and owned by Playamedia, Fetish.com is one of a suite of communities aimed at breaking down taboos in the online dating market. Last year, Playamedia’s Mark and Miguel flew to London to represent our other brand – Fuck.com (which most of you may remember!). For us, Eroticon 2017 was a massive success that opened up lots of networking opportunities – one of which was a long-lasting love-in with Eroticon speaker (and Queen of Smut) Victoria Blisse who became our first proud UK ambassador.

We had a #kinktastic time connecting with sex bloggers, sex toy manufacturers and the erotic writing community last year; so we decided to do it all again and sponsor Eroticon for the second year running. This year, we’re looking forward to connecting with influencers and kinky businesses to join our ambassadors program and be our voice in the UK… and beyond.

Eroticon Sponsor Spotlight Fetish.com

About Fetish.com

Launched on 13th February 2017 (Valentine’s day was just too vanilla for a kinky site like ours) Fetish.com is the English version of Fetisch.de – Germany’s largest BDSM dating community with over 200k members. Ever since the launch, Fetish.com is growing fast – especially in the UK and the US – which means we’re continually improving the site with feedback from our new members.


But, Fetish.com isn’t just about BDSM dates and finding other kinksters to play with. We provide info on munches, fetish parties, dungeons – well, most spots where kinky stuff happens! There’s also a fetish chat, a BDSM forum and a #kinktastic online magazine, where we provide content that educates vanillas and thrills kinksters while breaking down misconceptions and fear about the mysterious and wonderful world of fetish.

Fetish.com is all about making people feel good (or bad, if that’s what turns you on) in a safe, sane and consensual atmosphere. Whether you’re a single kinkster, in an open relationship, want to expand your sexual horizons, or know exactly what you want, Fetish.com will have something – or sub-one special – for you.