Whipple Tickle Logo Eroticon 2023

Eroticon is back for another year of storytelling, socialising, and stimulating – and we’re delighted to reveal Whipple Tickle is a confirmed sponsor.

Named after Dr Beverly Whipple – sexuality educator, sex researcher, and discoverer of the G-spot – Whipple Tickle specialises in sexual happiness, desires, and fulfilment. The brand aims to help its customers unlock new and undiscovered levels of sexual pleasure – including everything from solo enjoyment and partner sex to group activities, masquerade parties, and kink dungeons.

Leaving no sexual stone unturned, Whipple Tickle is leading customers on an exciting journey of sexploration – offering a complete range of sex toys, bondage equipment, clothing, sex dolls, party gear, lubricants, and other essentials, along with plenty of tips to get the most out of their toys and products.

Whipple Tickle Logo Eroticon 2023

Whipple Tickle founder Mark Snooks will be in attendance for both days of the event. In addition to bringing plenty of toys for everyone to try, Mark will be also sharing his tips for taking pleasure into your own hands.

2023 will be Whipple Tickle’s first year as an attendee and sponsor of Eroticon. While they may be a fresh face in the Eroticon community, they’re certainly not newbies when it comes to sexual satisfaction. In addition to meeting fellow leaders of sexual liberation, the brand is keen to expand its affiliate program – so be sure to stop by if you’re interested.


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