There are 3 options on the form

Option 1 – I want you roll my ticket over to Eroticon 2021 (see note A)

Option 2 – Refund my ticket. (see note B)

Option 3 – Donate my ticket to the ticket pool (see note C)

Please make sure you read the notes and additional information below.


A. Refunds will be minus the £25 PER TRANSACTION fee that are stated in the terms and conditions when you buy a ticket. If you purchased your ticket some time ago I may need to connect you to get your bank details so I can refund the money that way.

Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receiving your form unless I am unable to process the refund due to payment gateway issues in which case I will contact you and work out how to get your money to you.

B. If you decide to roll your ticket over to 2021 and for some reason that event does not happen you will then be able to claim your refund (minus the admin charge)

C. Every year we run a ticket pool for Eroticon which companies and other attendees have donated to. People can apply for those tickets who otherwise might not be able to come due to financial reasons or other issues that makes it complicated for them. If you donate your ticket it will be used to give someone else the chance to attend free of charge.

Additional Information

Whichever option you select is final apart from see note B

You have 30 days from when this email is sent to complete and submit the form in full.

Refunds will take up to 30 days from receipt of your form to process

Please include both the email you used to purchase your ticket and the preferred email you would like me to contact you with regards to your ticket should I need to.

If you do not send your form back within the 30 days I will assume that you are rolling your ticket over to Eroticon 2021.