Founded by Ruth Douglas, under her pen name Ruby Kiddell in 2012 to give Erotic Writers and Bloggers the tools to hone their craft in a collaborative environment, Write Sex Right has become an essential resource for sex writers around the world  2012 also saw the launch of Eroticon, the first sex writers conference in the UK and in 2013 saw EroticonUSA take America by storm.

After 5 years of creating and developing Write Sex Right and Eroticon Ruby Kiddell and moved onto other projects. As of June 2016 Write Sex Right is now run and managed by Molly Moore, Michael Knight and Girl on the Net. The new team is dedicated to taking the site and the conference forward into the future, building on the firm foundation that Ruby left behind. Working with the whole adult creative community to bring you fresh, inspiring and informative content from a wide variety of industry professionals.

Currently you can find columns written by

Jilly Boyd

Girl on the Net

Harper Eliot

Violet Fenn

Ruby Goodnight

Renee Rose

Ruby Kiddell

Molly Moore