Volcanic Sparks

Volcanic Sparks

Volcanic Sparks

Sparks Jones is a lifestyle dominant sadist, Known on the UK fetish scene as Volcanic Sparks.

She’s not cruel, her kindness is just very misunderstood.

She has been around the fetish club scene for over two decades now, having held the position of house Domme for many events over the years and, has been involved with the organising and running of a couple too.

Once described as a flamboyant sadist with a style of her own. She has a wicked sense of humour tends to be more of a ‘Carry on Domming’ type, than serious and stern femdom.

She has hosted many workshops over the years on various forms of play from power point presentations on impact play and strap on play to hands on demo’s of rope suspension and wax play. She loves nothing more than taking time to share her knowledge with those new to the world of BDSM .

Her all time passions are her single tail whips and rope, from rope bondage, sensual rope play to rope suspension. She is well known for suspending those who have been told they are ‘ too large to be suspended’ and giving them an awesome experience.

Pain however, is her forte, she has an ability to reach into the mind of the masochist and deliver pain exactly how they love it, based on connection and body language she can turn any masochist into an ‘inanely grinning, endorphin fuelled puddle of goo’

She does however, have a sensual side too and absolutely loves a game of tease and denial, bringing people to the edge of orgasm and stopping right before they explode. Always the sadist, even in her softer moments !!

Having often been asked why she does not offer her services professionally, her reply is simple…

“Money cannot buy the pain I can inflict”

She works long hours in the vanilla world to enable her to afford her rather expensive single tailed whips from quality whip makers.

She is blissfully single and shares her home with her 21 year old iguana who is a very spoiled dinosaur and he knows it!!