Event behaviour policy

Event behaviour policy

Eroticon Live is created as a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space both on and off-line.  In order to protect this ethos and uphold this creative and uplifting environment we have a behaviour policy. This may be updated from time to time, as we want to ensure that we reflect the needs of the community. We will alert subscribers and event attendees in the event of any updates.


If you have any queries please contact info@eroticon.co


In buying a ticket to attend Eroticon you are agreeing to a certain standard of behaviour.


We have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of personal abuse whether verbal, physical or sexual.  Incidents of abuse will be reported to the police as appropriate.


We expect attendees to respect the privacy and chosen identity of our attendees.

  • If you are attending as a representative of the press or independent journalist, you must identify yourself as such to the Eroticon team. Failure to do so may result in being ejected from the event and banned from future events.
  • Please respect the privacy of other attendees.
  • Do not disclose real names outside of the venue without the consent of the individual.
  • Do not post pictures of attendees onto social media or in any other public place if they are wearing a no-photo lanyard (usually purple or pink)
  • Refer to attendees by their preferred names and gender pronouns.


We expect attendees to respect each other and deal with personal differences professionally.

  • Do not verbally, physically or sexually abuse any other attendee.
  • Please remember that for many this is a professional environment and accord them professional and personal respect.
  • In discussions please critique the idea, not the individual.
  • Leave personal differences at the door.




  • No means no; no ifs, no buts.  Respect consent, respect each other.
  • Please do not touch people without clear consent – either verbal or non-verbal.  If in doubt about if you should really go in for the extra big bear hug – ask!


What to do if you feel threatened?


  • If you feel that someone has acted inappropriately towards you please find an event staff member (usually in white lanyards – they will be introduced at the beginning of each day at the Eroticon event) or the organiser immediately and tell them.
  • If you feel unable to do so safely by yourself please ask another attendee that you trust to accompany you.
  • We take all reports of abuse seriously and will act on them promptly.
  • Please talk to the organisers first, either in advance if you have concerns or on the day.


Business tickets and sponsors

  • There are a number of official sponsors of Eroticon, who will have stands and a presence throughout the event to show off their products. Representatives from other companies are welcome at the event on a business ticket. A business ticket allows you to come and represent your company, put items in goody bags and on the raffle table as well as network with attendees. However business ticket holders must not display products and merchandise – if you would like to do this contact marketing@eroticon.co to discuss official sponsorship.


Anyone found to be in breach of these standards will in the first instance be invited to discuss their behaviour with the organisers, or if it is felt appropriate will be asked to leave the event.  In such circumstances there will be no ticket refunds.


While standards of behaviour cannot be enforced prior to an event the organisers reserve the right to cancel tickets and issue a refund (less the £25 administration fee) if they that believe a person’s behaviour jeopardises either the smooth running of the event, or the personal safety of attendees and speakers.

Terms and conditions

Buying a ticket for Eroticon 2017 constitutes consent to the following terms and conditions:

  • Payment receipt constitutes your ticket to the event.
  • Eroticon Live is an adult event, all ticket holders must be aged 18 years or older at the date of the event.
  • Tickets prices include access to the Eroticon 2018 event for the days purchased and include catering and are valid for the conference day(s) of purchase. Additional social events are either free to attend or ticketed separately to the daytime conference tickets.
  • You will abide by the Event Behaviour Policy as set out here.
  • Cancellation – ticket refunds are available until 8am GMT 9th January 2018 less a £25 administration fee. After that no refunds are given. Email info@eroticon.co for information.
  • Ticket transfers –  ticket transfers are available until 8am GMT 29th February 2017 less a £25 administration fee. After that no transfers are available. Email info@eroticon.co for information.
  • Your email address will be used to communicate event information and will be added to the Eroticon e-newsletter list, which you can unsubscribe from at anytime via the links in the newsletter.
  • Payment is via Paypal using the forms above, if you would like alternative payment methods please email info@eroticon.co for information.
  • You have the right to cancel your ticket purchase and receive a full refund within 14 days of purchase. After such time cancellation fees apply (see above)
  • Eroticon 2018 is an event run by MDK Enterprizes, contact info@eroticon.co