Elsa Viegas, founder of Bijoux:

“I am really excited about being part of Eroticon! It is an amazing opportunity to meet so many people I admire and follow on social media. It is also a privilege to be face to face with them and introduce them our new collections… after all they are the ones supporting us and betting on our brand, presenting it to their followers. I can’t wait to be there!”

Eroticon Sponsor Spotlight Bijoux Indescrets

Bijoux Indiscrets – the Feminine Side of Eroticism

Bijoux Indiscrets was founded in 2006, in Barcelona, with the aim of revolutionising the erotic sector. 11 years later, it is considered a pioneer and international benchmark in the market thanks to its unique and feminine designs.

Present in over 42 countries worldwide, making eroticism part of every woman’s day-to-day, Bijoux Indiscrets continues to strive for original designs and female pleasure with all of its accessories, erotic cosmetics and intimate toys.

Eroticon Sponsor Spotlight Bijoux Indiscrets