The People in Charge

Eroticon Girl on the Net Avatar

As the Director of Marketing, GoTN has the role of managing the brand that is Eroticon. She’s a public relations guru who uses her considerable knowledge and skill to put the conference in front of the right people. Her other role is bringing in the necessary sponsorship that helps make Eroticon possible. She has a way with sponsors that get them to respond and want to offer their support. Whether it’s courting a spot on digital spaces or pieces in traditional print magazines, Girl on the net has done a spectacular job showcasing the appeal and importance of Eroticon.

More than that, GoTN inspires people with her presence. Whether it’s reminding them that their words can change the world, or helping them to reaffirm their place in the creative sphere, she reminds them… no, she reminds us all that we are important in the space where we are our creative selves. We are all the better because of the truths she shares.

Photo of Molly Moore Director of Operations

Molly Moore:

Her official title is Director of Operations, but it’s safe to say that Molly is the boss. She manages the finances, acts as a go between with the venue, troubleshoots sponsor issues, handles problems that crop up, and helps the behind the scene things run smoothly. If you’ve got questions, Molly Moore has answers. She possess the ability to get things done, on time and with minimal fuss. Her tenacity is brought to the fore when it comes to making sure Eroticon is the smooth running ship everyone has come to see.

Molly is also an amazing creative. Offering her tips in photography or writing, she is always keen to help someone better themselves. Her straightforward kindness is something to be admired, and she shows that in the warm way she addresses everyone at the Meet and Greet or at any point during the conference. She’s a force that draws people to her.


The Technical Director, a term that doesn’t properly convey all the work Michael does for Eroticon. Site maintenance, site reconstruction, AV support, and general heavy lifting. The little things he does would fill a huge blog post, and all of it occurs behind the scenes. It makes Eroticon run smoothly on that level that people don’t realize is important: the visual. The way the site reads, the functioning of ticketing, or the tech stuff that is beyond many normal people. Michael is Eroticon’s resident TechDaddy™️.

Michael is also a teacher. Few people would take the time out to help others understand how to make their sites better. He asks very little in return and he deserves so much for how much unseen time and effort he puts into boosting others up. Teaching SEO, google analytics, or site logistics isn’t easy work. Michael takes the time and enriches our lives.

They are a team of amazing individuals who sacrifices a lot to make Eroticon an amazing event.