Flying Solo – or a social and cultural history of masturbation

Flying Solo - or a social and cultural history of masturbation

Eve RayConference Room 3

I will start with the present - why masturbation is good for you, whatever genitalia you have, and this bit can involve some audience participation, what do we all get it of it? Then I will move on the the issue of the stigma and taboo surrounding so-called self abuse (and "wanker" is't a term of endearment is it?) and look at the history of how masturbation has come to be stigmatized, both through religion (Christianity mainly) ,and medical pseudoscience. I will argue that this is mainly a Western cultural phenomenon and also relatively recent (last 250 years or so).I will illustrate with examples, some of which are quite amusing, (it is not my intention that the session will be too heavy). On the way I will show that the religious taboo is based on a falsification of the .Old Testament story of Onan, whose sin was not actually masturbation and ask how it is that female masturbation was largely ignored over the years and the significance of this . To finish up I will look at how sex positive people can enjoy it in a range of ways (including in BDSM contexts) and involve the audience again, before giving a quick lug for both Tabitha's Thirty Day Orgasm Fun and Masturbation Monday.

Mon 6:05 am - 12:00 am