Want to read your work at Eroticon 2018?

Traditionally, we end Eroticon with a cup of tea and some erotic readings. This year, we’re doing something slightly different – the readings at Eroticon 2018 will be held just after lunchtime on Sunday so everyone can listen to the readings with a cup of tea and slice of cake, before we launch into the packed afternoon schedule.

For readers, it’s a great chance to showcase your work and for everyone else it’s a fabulous way to get to know some of our incredibly talented attendees.

Want to read at Eroticon 2018? 

Fill out the form below, and make sure to include the piece of writing that you are going to read.

  • It must be shorter than 5 minutes (and by no means does it have to be 5 minutes! Sometimes the most effective pieces are very short, punchy blog posts or erotic vignettes).
  • It can be an extract from a longer work but ideally it will work as a complete piece/story on its own.
  • Poetry welcome as well as prose!

Fill out the form below before 14th February 2018 to register your interest.

Fields marked with an * are required

The Rules

  1. No longer than five minutes, seriously, five minutes
  2. No kids, No animals, No incest, No corpses, but other than that the filthier the better!
  3. No longer than five minutes (repetition helps people remember)
  4. You must fill out this form to have your work considered.
  5. See the number that starts this bullet point, that is how long your reading must be!
  6. In the box below please submit a your full piece you wish to read

Just to give you an idea, five minutes is around 650-850 words depending on how fast you read.

Author: Girl on the Net

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  1. Hola! I think that I have just entered a proposed original reading for Eroticon.
    But technology is not kind to me, and keeps glitching. If nothing seems to have come through, then can you please poke me a reminder to try again.
    A no won’t offend, but also would be annoyed with myself if it did not ping through… Sorry that everything tech I touch becomes a faff (ask Anna!)
    Love Drew x

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    • Hi Drew,
      We do indeed have your submission. Thanks for persisting to overcome the technology!

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