Beating Writer’s Block : Guest post from Eroticon speaker Victoria Blisse

Victoria Blisse is an award winning erotica authoress and will be joining Lucy Felthouse to speak at Eroticon about marketing your writing and building your blog audience.  In the first of a series of guest posts that focus on all things writerly Victoria shares with us her five top tips for beating writer’s block.

Beating Writer’s Block .

I’m an author and as an author I have a fear. It’s a fear that raises its head on a fairly regular basis. I think if you as any person who has to write a lot in their life will have met my great foe too.

Writer’s Block.

It is real, it is tough BUT it is not unbeatable. I’ve got a few hints and tips that might just help you break past the mental wall that stands between you and your words.

Go away.

No, I don’t mean now! I mean leave the piece you’re working on and go and do something else. Wash the pots, walk the dog, hoover the living room. I cannot count the number of times that I’ve done this and as I’ve been absorbed in something else a spark of inspiration has flickered in my brain and that block I had has melted away.

Write something else.  Another scene, another story, even just your shopping list! Sometimes you just need a break from the work in hand and a change is just what you need to revive your interest.

Phone a friend.

Or email one, or post up a status update. Tell your friends and fellow authors that you’re struggling and they will comfort you. Sometimes just knowing you’re not the only one struggling helps. Also if a specific element of your work is causing the trouble talking it through with someone else can sometimes solve the problem.

 Write one word.  

I know we all have deadlines and you just can’t always spare the time to do any of the above suggestions. Well, the only way I’ve found to get through a block when I’ve had to finish something has been just to write. Write a word at a time, eke out a sentence. Don’t worry about it being rubbish, just leave that work till the editing process. Just keep writing. It will be tough. I can’t tell you otherwise but once you push past it your four words in half an hour will double, triple and more until you’re back in the flow again.

Treat yourself.

Set yourself a goal and when you reach it treat yourself. Decided on the treat beforehand. It might be that you allow yourself to watch an episode of a favourite show or to read a chapter of the book you’re reading. It could be a chocolate bar or a glass of wine or even a new pair of jeans if you’re goal is big enough. It’s always easier to push on when you know you’ve got something pleasant waiting for you at the end of it all

So there you go, I hope those hints and tips help! And if you’re going to Eroticon (you really should be, it’s the place to be!) please come over and say  hello and let me know if these tips work for you.

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