Books for Brook

One of the many things that I didn’t have time to set up and announce as fully as I had wished for Eroticon 2012 was a conference charity.

This year Eroticon 2012 will be supporting the sexual health charity Brook.

Brook is a sex education organisation providing free and confidential information about sex and relationships to young people.  As the aim of Eroticon is to encourage people to Write Sex Right, I felt that a charity whose aim it is to talk sex right and empower young people through information and advice was the appropriate recipient of our support.

I used Brook’s services as a young woman and Zoe Margolis, who spoke at the conference, is an ambassador for the charity.

Thanks to all you bookworms that bought books in the Eroticon bookshop I’m delighted to announce that proceeds from books sales totalled £70 which will all be going to support the work of Brook.

If you would like to know more about the organisation click here, to get involved in their campaigning click here and to make your own donations or find our about other ways to fundraise for the charity go here.

Thank you to the authors and publishers that generously agreed to donate the proceeds to charity and thank you all for buying the books so we had some proceeds.

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