Eroticon 2013 round up post

Thank you again to everyone that made Eroticon 2013 an amazing weekend; speakers, sponsors, delegates and everyone that contributed in any way.

The delegates are the heart of Eroticon and while I don’t get nearly enough time to talk to everyone I do appreciate the diverse attitudes and voices that you bring to the event.  Without those that attend to listen, learn and share there would be no Eroticon.

Reading the tweets, status updates and blog posts that you are sharing about the event gives me fantastic feedback on what you enjoyed and what can be improved as well as continuing conversations and debates that were started at the event.  Eroticon and the Write Sex Right site is an evolving project, so while there were many fantastic things about the Eroticon 2013 weekend, I think there is room for improvement and opportunities to develop. Much like my own writing.

I’ll be asking for feedback and canvassing opinions on new ideas soon enough, but in the meantime, if you’ve written about the conference and would like to share your post with other readers please do add it into the link form below.

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  • K D Grace 06 / 03 / 2013 Reply

    I’m still taking in all in and processing. Eroticon2013 was such a full-bodied, well textured event that processing could take some time! Huge thanks to you, Ruby, for another stellar Eroticon! And to Harper Eliot for arranging the fabulous Aural Sex night of reading and cabaret. You two are amazing!


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