What’s new at #Eroticon2014

erotica writing workshop newsIt is a good question: What’s new at Eroticon 2014?

The answer is: Lots!

I’m very, very excited about some of the changes and I hope that they will enable more people to access the conference content as well as helping to consolidate the long term viability of the conference and its future.

The biggest change I’ve made is to add in some two hour workshops that will run concurrently with the shorter 45 minute workshops.  While the 45 minute workshops can work as a great introduction to elements of erotic writing or sex blogging or allow speakers to really focus in on one key message the feedback has been loud and clear that people wanted longer sessions to allow them to really get to grips with a topic.

There will be a two hour erotica writing workshop or sex blogging workshop each morning and afternoon of the conference and will be available to all at a stand alone ticket price of £25.

This year there will be workshops from erotica writer Kristina Lloyd on flash fiction, author Ashley Lister on erotic story structure and erotic romance author Victoria Blisse will be talking beginners and would be erotica writers through the writing process from inspiration to getting published.

On Sunday afternoon there will be a ninety minute erotic reading event to allow readers and fans of erotic fiction to meet and listen to some of their favourite authors.

High Tea and Erotica will be an informal reading event with tea, cakes and erotica.  The erotic readings will give authors a chance to read and promote their work as well as readers and listeners a chance to hear from familiar and unfamiliar writers.

Tickets are limited and by advance purchase only, there will be no walk in tickets this year.

If you buy a weekend or day ticket you will have access to all the two hour workshops, readings and social events, just as you normally do.

Opening up aspects of the conference goes hand in hand with my goal to create openness and understanding around the importance of writing and talking about sex, if we only ever talk to ourselves and those that share our views, how can we hope to change attitudes?

These are big changes and the challenges behind the scenes will be to ensure that the respect and trust that is an essential, and wonderful, aspect of Eroticon is continued throughout the open ticketed sessions too.  There may be glitches and teething troubles so I’ll thank you in advance for your patience and understanding should they occur.

I think these are positive changes for the conference and hope that they will prove popular with our regular attendees as well as drawing in a new audience of  participants.

Go here for the up to date sessions and head over here to buy your tickets!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the plans so do leave a comment.


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