Eroticon 2014 Friday Night Gathering – Raddison Blu

Image courtesy of Raddison Blu

I know that more than a few of you have been eagerly awaiting details of the second Eroticon 2014 social event. This year, for those who are in town the night before the event starts, the Friday night meet up will be at the Raddison Blu between 8pm and 10:30pm.

We will be gathering in the hotel bar itself. We’ve found in the past that these types of settings are quieter and more intimate than meeting up at a local restaurant or pub. But, keep in mind that this is still a public place – we do not have a separate room for our meet up.

The Raddison Blu pre-Eroticon meetup will be a great chance to meet those who will be attending the event before the big day as well as connect with old friends who you haven’t seen since the previous Eroticon.

The Raddison Blu is located at Broad Quay and is a three minute walking trip from Armada House. The post code is BS1 4BY for those who like using their phone’s mapping system to find places. The event is open to all Eroticon attendees, no matter which day you will be attending. (“Plus one’s” are also welcome to come along!) Hope to see you there! 


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