10 Reasons You Should Attend Eroticon 2015

Yep, I’m pimping the home page today.  I want to make sure you plan to attend and have registered for Eroticon 2015 in Bristol UK.  It is a Don’t Miss event! I have been to two Eroticon conferences–one in Atlanta, GA and one in Bristol and they both were so well-worth the time and expense to attend.  Here are the reasons you should consider going:

1). You will make new friends. The Eroticon crowd is an extremely friendly bunch. There is no competitive vibe, nor will anyone make you feel like you’re not good enough to be there.  The crowd includes everyone from kinky lifestylers who are just thinking about starting a sex blog, to famous erotic bloggers to best-selling erotica and erotic romance authors. It also includes spouses, partners or significant others of the above-mentioned group, so that means some people who don’t write and aren’t considering writing.

2). You will meet all kinds of twitter-famous sex bloggers. I had so much fun putting faces to familiar twitter handles as well as following a new group of tweeps.

3).  You will get to network.  I wish that word didn’t sound so smarmy, because it’s not like that. Yes, you will hand out your business card (or spanking paddle, as the case may be) and shake hands with people, but the connections you make will be genuine.  You will walk away with resources and opportunities like guest blog spots, collaboration ideas and cross-promotion plans.

4). You can be yourself.  Let’s face it, the erotic blogger/author works primarily in isolation, and often in the closet about their writing with the people in their “real lives”.  At Eroticon, you will get to rub elbows and chat about your favorite topics, like non-consent, orgasm mechanics or kink without blushing and fearing someone will call your Great Aunt Bessie and out you as the pervert you are.

5). Kink Demo.  Yeah….[Renee drifts off into a drool-worthy memory of live spanking demos].  Oh, sorry. I’m back. Let me just say, this was a huge highlight for me, at both conferences.

6)  You can wear anything you want.  I’m serious.  You can show up in a suit and tie, a bustier and fishnets, or anything in between.  Everything goes, including jeans and a t-shirt. You may go out shopping to buy yourself a new pair of sassy boots like I did, but it’s not necessary.

7).  You will get to meet Eroticon’s amazing organizer Ruby Kiddell.  I noticed she’s a speaker this year, so you’re even more lucky because you’ll get to hear her present.


@poeticdesires at the cocktail party at Eroticon USA

8).  Cocktail parties. The workshops are great but the cocktail parties are even more fun. Here crazy things might happen, like hands on lessons in Shibari, or snogging (see below).

9). There might be snogging.  No guarantees, but I witnessed some pretty hot kisses at one of the cocktail parties in Bristol.  Don’t fear that it’s a huge orgy or meat market, though, because it’s not.  You will feel safe and comfortable attending alone without being preyed upon.

10). Your identity will be safe.  Many people are known simply by their twitter hashtags at Eroticon, and a colored lanyard lets people know whether you are okay being photographed or not.

So click here, get yourself registered and make your travel plans to get yourself to Eroticon 2015!!

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  • Ashe Barker 16 / 02 / 2015 Reply

    I’m going! And I think one or two other UK authors have already signed up too, and hopefully lots more nearer the time

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