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Exactly two months ago today Eroticon 2016 came to end. Today feels like the first day in the life of Eroticon 2017.

Myself, Michael (my other half for those that don’t know) and Girl on the Net have spent the last two months wrangling Eroticon into submission. We have wooed sponsors, visited venues, made more spread sheets than anyone should ever really do in the space of 2 months. We have had numerous phone calls, business and planning meetings (mainly in pubs) email after email and a 3 way Twitter DM that has shows no sign of abating anytime soon. To say it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride would be an understatement but today, finally, we are delighted to have reached one of the major milestones in bringing Eroticon 2017 to life.

We have a date, a venue, and ticket sales.

Dating Eroticon 2017

If you want a date with the sexiest conference around then you best free up the 4th and 5th March 2017.

We promise you a full on weekend of all sorts of deliciousness. We will be working on speakers and the schedule over the next few months and will bring you all the exciting updates as they happen.

London’s Calling

Bristol has been a great venue for the last few years but we have decided that it was time to move things to pastures new. Looking for a venue has been incredibly challenging. Finding somewhere that was the right venue in terms of space, budget, location and willingness to work with us proved tricky but we are absolutely delighted to working with Arlington House.

Situated right in the heart of Camden Market, this historic building hides within it a modern, flexible conference space that we feel will be a perfect home for us. The team at Arlington House have been hugely enthusiastic about bringing Eroticon 2017 to life in their venue and we are delighted to be part of the life of their business because the conference space at Arlington House helps to fund and maintain the rest of the building which includes art and educational spaces, affordable housing units and a hostel for homeless people. Spaces like this are rare in London and we are excited to have found them and have them on board.

Over the next few months I will be bringing you more information not only about the venue but also the area in which it is situated including transport links and tips and suggestions on places to stay that will not break the bank.

Time to buy

The time to buy is now. We are so excited to finally be in a position to start selling tickets. We are hopeful that you will feel the same and start buying. We have a number of different ticket options for you though

Standard weekend tickets & installment plan: The standard price of a weekend ticket will be £170. You can pay this in one go or sign up for the installment plan. The cut off date for signing up for the installment plan is the 1st November. After that you will have to pay for your ticket in full.

Early Bird Weekend Pass: To get things started though we are offering a significant discount to the first 10 people who pay for their ticket in full. Instead of £170 for the weekend it will be £150 but there are only 10 tickets available at this price and once they are gone they gone. So hurrah!

We also have two other options for you to consider.

Delegate Plus: You get everything you get for a standard ticket but you also get to put promotional material in the goody bag and space on the delegate table to sell your book, product etc. £180. There are 20 of these tickets available

Delegate Sponsors: You get everything you get for a standard ticket but you also donate £30 towards helping someone else attend*. Your name and website will also be listed in the Eroticon 2017 program as one of our wonderful delegate sponsors. £200

*Depending on how much money we raise from this scheme will dictate how we distribute these funds but there will be an application process. The aim will be to for you help bring people to the conference who would normally not be able to attend due to financial restrictions.

Day Pass: For anyone who can only attend a single day of the conference. Available for either the Saturday or the Sunday. £105

We really have worked our arses off to get to this point. We are dedicated to bringing you an exciting, inspiring, professional conference that we truly believe this community deserves, however to do that we need you to spread the word and to support us in our goals by believing in us and buying your ticket.

[button link=”https://eroticon.co/buy-tickets/” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Buy Now![/button]

We also want to hear from you. Whether you have bought a ticket or now, please do fill out the survey linked below

Eroticon Survey

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