Bits and Pieces #1

For those of you who were regular readers of my blog you will know about my Trolling the Net series. It is a round-up of interesting bit and pieces that I have discovered on my travels round the internet which for some reason or other are worth sharing, either because they are fabulous or because they are not! I have decided that it is an ideal feature to bring over to this site and so from now on it will be published here on its usual semi regular basis. With a new home I have decided to give it a new name so lets get started with some Bits and Pieces…

Eroticon News

…with some shameless self promotion. Just in case you have not been paying attention Eroticon is under new management. Myself, Michael Knight and Girl on the Net have joined together to take on this fabulous event. We are very excited to be bringing to London in March 2017 and you really should buy your ticket if you want to come along. There are various ticket options available including a payment plan which is proving to be a very popular option. Speakers and outline schedule announcements will be published soon.

Safe Sex (blogging)

Are you still hosting your blog or website on a free hosting platform such as WordPress or Blogspot? If you are publishing any sort of adult content then you are at risk of losing it all as writer and artist Dennis Cooper recently found out to his cost. 14 years of blogging content gone including his most recent unfinished novel that was exclusively hosted on the blog. Dennis Cooper fears censorship as Google erases blog without warning.

More money than sense?

Well you will have decide for yourself. How about a whip made from human hair with a in 18-karat solid gold that sells for $19,000 or The Casanova a  gold gem encrusted vibrator for $29,000? Apparently the market for this stuff is in Japan. One Man’s Quest to Create a Million Dollar Vibrator

Good Men, Bad Boys and Bad Men

Captain America or Loki? This piece by Malin James explores the complexity’s of the good man/bad boy dichotomy something I am pretty sure many of us have played with in our writing

“the appeal of the bad boy trope is, in fact, that bad boys are really good men buried under a pile of scoundrelly sexiness. The only difference is that a good man’s integrity (and trustworthiness, etc, etc.) isn’t playing hard to get.” ~ A Case for Good Men

For your viewing pleasure…

We live in an age of sexual liberation and acceptance within which we are still deeply conflicted and troubled by our sexual desires.



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