Eroticon Accommodation: A Place to Lay Your Head

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to work out a hotel deal for delegates for Eroticon 2017. Sadly I have not been successful. The rates I was being offered just were not a deal, in fact I was getting the same or similar prices for rooms through discount sites and to top it off they wanted me to block book in advance a set number of rooms to secure the rate. If those rooms were not all sold then everyone who had booked would end up paying the full price for a room. So not only not much of a deal but came with a real risk that it could turn into a rip off.

I hope in years to come that maybe I can get a hotel on-board but for this year that is not going to happen so instead I have put together a list of possible places to stay that cover a fairly wide budget scope.

Please note that unless otherwise stated I have not had any direct experience of these places. I have done my best to check them out and establish they are reputable but you are booking them at your own risk. I really do urge you to make sure you have read reviews and asked any necessary questions of establishments before parting with your hard earned cash.

So lets starts at the budget end of things…

Eroticon accommodation (in order of price)

Smart Camden Inn

This is a hostel so it is shared accommodation but you can book a female only dorm, you get free WiFi and breakfast. I have seen it on some sites for as little as £11 a night which is a total bargain but on their sight for the Eroticon weekend they are currently quoting £23.99 for a female only dorm. (8 min walk to Arlington House)

Camden BnB

This is a hostel but you do get a private room with a decent looking bed. The bathroom is shared though. It is a great price £120 for THREE nights for a single room which includes a simple breakfast and WiFi. (It is a 12 minute walk to the venue)

St Christopher’s Camden

Another hostel but they do have some twin private rooms which are currently £47.50 per night for that weekend which is a real deal for your own room. As with the other one there are female only shared spaces for less and you also get a breakfast and free WiFi. (8 min walk to Arlington House)

Travelodge Euston

At the moment they are doing any early savers rate for £149 total for the Friday & Saturday night which is a great deal but would be even better if you partnered up with someone and split the cost. You can add breakfast for a bit more and also WiFi for £3.00 for 24 hours. (It is a 22 minute walk to Arlington House or 7 minutes on the Northern line from Euston)


They are currently quoting £176.80 for the two nights if you select the ‘Something for the Weekend’ offer and from what I could see you could easily add the Sunday night for around £75. There is free WiFi and a Nespresso machine in the rooms so your morning coffee should be good. I don’t know this hotel personally but from I can see this looks like a great price for nice looking hotel (25 minute walk to Arlington House or 9 minutes on the tube from Euston)

Premier Inn Euston

£188 for 2 nights is a good deal for this hotel which has full disabled access. WiFi is included but there is a 1GB limit per day which should be plenty. In my experience Premier Inn is always worth that little bit extra than the Travelodge as their beds are usually great. (27 minute walk to Arlington House and 11 minutes on the tube from Euston which includes a 6 minute walk from the hotel to Euston Station)

The California

Oddly named for London but there you go. I found this one on who are offering a fabulous rate of £272 for 3, yes THREE, nights that weekend. That includes an English breakfast and WiFi. The rooms do look fairly compact, see my hotel jargon there, but this really does look like a bargain to me (10 minutes on the Northern Line from Kings Cross or 29 minute walk)

Ibis Euston

They want £205 for 2 nights (Fri & Sat) but it looks like you can get 10% off that price of you join the Ibis Club when you book. I can’t work out if that includes WiFi or not and the rooms are also ‘compact’ for the price I would say the California looks a better deal. (21 minute walk to Arlington House or 6 minutes on the tube from Euston)

Camden Lock Hotel

This is hotel does not have a lift so if you have mobility problems this one might be out. They currently have rooms for that weekend for £118 per night, although they only want £76 for the Sunday night. I do know that at least delegate has already booked here so I suspect rooms will go fast as I don’t think it is a huge place. (11 minute walk to Arlington House)

Holiday Inn Camden

Yes this is almost right next door to the venue but they want a whooping £197.55 PER NIGHT!!! They seem to have got themselves confused with The Ritz, this is a Holiday Inn in Camden Town. I can’t for the life of me understand how they can justify prices like that. But hey, if you want to be right near the venue and money is not an issue then this is the one for you. (1 minute walk to the venue)

So that is the hotels. As you can see there is lots in and around Euston and it really is not that far. You can get the Underground from there to Camden, it is just 2 stops away and the walk is not too long either. There are also plenty of buses that run from Euston to Camden including night buses so no matter how late you are out you can easily get back to your hotel. If you look on there are tons of other places in Euston and Kings Cross including some apartment style places that might be worth a look.

However what about another idea?

Apartments near Eroticon

Modern Apartment Camden Town

If you got together to with a small group, or 2 couples then you could rent somewhere like this right in the heart of Camden Town for the whole weekend and you would have your own kitchen and living room.They want £373 for 2 nights. Which would be £186.50 if there was only 2 of you sharing. Not bad for 2 nights with your own big bed and right in the heart of Camden too.

3 Bed Apartment

Here is another one. Cheaper than above and has 3 bedrooms. This is £329 for the whole place for the Friday and Saturday. If 3 people shared that is £109.67 for 2 nights!!! However this is 3 double beds so you could be 3 couples and split that cost even more. This is a great price, also right in Camden and just few minutes walk to the venue.

There are plenty more on Airbnb but I picked those two because they jumped out as being a really great price.

If anyone is interested in sharing with people but don’t know anyone to do that with please do get in touch with me and I will do my best to hook you all up with each other. No, this is not an Eroticon dating service!

If you have suggestions for places that I have missed please do leave them in the comments.

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  • MariaSibylla 08 / 09 / 2016 Reply

    Thanks for doing all this research Molly!

  • Alun 12 / 09 / 2016 Reply

    Thanks Molly. All useful information. I had toyed with the idea of staying in town to save an hours trip each way on the train. Maybe I’ll drive instead.

  • Caitlyn McConnell 12 / 09 / 2016 Reply

    Any chance of another eroticon in the states?

    • Domsigns 13 / 09 / 2016 Reply

      Hi, It is our hope to return to the US, but since we have just taken Eroticon over we need to build up to that.

  • Aurora Glory 28 / 02 / 2017 Reply

    This list is so helpful! Thank you! In my usual style I’ve left the booking until last minute but hopefully can find somewhere out of all of these places 🙂 Apart from the Holiday Inn.. They must be joking right? Lol
    Aurora x

  • Cousin Pons 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

    I have booked for 2 nights (Fri and Sat) at the Hub by Premier Inn- Kings Cross for £136 for the 2 nights.
    It’s at 50 Wharfdale Rd, N1 9FA. So not far from Camden.
    I spent ages looking and it was the cheapest I could find.

    • Girl on the Net 30 / 01 / 2018 Reply

      Thanks for letting us know! That looks like a cheaper rate than we found last year, kudos!

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