Eroticon 2017: your feedback (and earlybird tickets!)

Massive thank you to everyone who filled out the Eroticon 2017 feedback survey – we’re meeting this week for an exciting planning session for 2018, so we’re looking forward to going through all your detailed comments.

We’re so pleased that all the people who have filled out the survey so far have said they’d like to come to Eroticon again – we’re taking this as a good sign, and are really excited to carry some of the good stuff through to 2018, and take new ideas and feedback on board. If you haven’t already filled out your survey, you should have a link in your inbox – please do click the link in your email and fill the survey out before 20th April if you haven’t already!

We don’t want to publish the links to everyone as we’ve had some surveys before filled out by people who didn’t actually attend events (unhelpful!) but if you were an attendee and you’ve lost the link, email and we’ll forward on to you.

Last chance for Eroticon 2018 Earlybird tickets!

If you’re on the mailing list, you’ll have received an email with a link to Earlybird tickets for 2018 – these are tickets we sell at a discount for people who are keen to make sure they’ve got their place.

Thanks to cost savings (and excellent money-management from Molly and Michael!) we’re able to make tickets cheaper for the 2018 conference.

The day we realised we could make tickets cheaper there was much dancing and singing and general celebration – and it’s thanks to all of this year’s attendees, who have so thoroughly spread the word about the event that we’ve managed to secure three sponsors for next year already (announcements on that coming very soon!).

Want to join us? Grab your ticket, and start looking forward to next year!

Eroticon 2018 FAQs

Can I pitch you a talk? 

Yes, absolutely! We will have info on how to pitch a talk/workshop up on the website soon.

Can I add my own business cards/merch to the goody bags? 

Yes! One of the things attendees this year loved was just how creative people were with the memorable merch in the goody bags, and we’d love to continue that into 2018. If you’re an Eroticon attendee, you can simply add the ‘Goody bag extra‘ for £10 when you buy your ticket, then we’ll be in touch to ask you to send us your materials nearer the time.

Can I volunteer? 

We had some amazing volunteers this year, and would love a little more volunteer help in 2018, and we want to make sure that we’re offering volunteers a good deal, rather than just accepting their (very kind!) help. There will be some info on volunteering up on the website shortly.

I know of a company that wants to sponsor/I am a company that wants to sponsor Eroticon. Who do I contact? 

Get in touch with Sarah at and she’ll send you the info. The best way to get involved is to have a stand at the event, but if you can’t spare the staff/travel time to have a stand we have some fun social sponsorship opportunities that should give you a great chance to get noticed by our amazing attendees.

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