Eroticon coverage – your feedback and plans for 2018

Massive thank you to everyone who filled out the survey about Eroticon 2017 – we’ve finished going through all the feedback and have lots of ideas and plans for next year! I just wanted to write a short blog post to update you on some of the brilliant coverage you’ve managed to get for the event, as well as what improvements we’re making for next year based on your survey feedback.

Coverage of Eroticon 2017

We were blown away by how many of you wrote about your experience on your blogs – over 40% of attendees covered Eroticon on their blogs, and many other people pitched articles inspired by their experience. Check out:

And there are plenty more besides. If you’ve written about Eroticon on your blog (or elsewhere!) please do add your link to this post so we can shout about your work!

And if you’re a stats nerd like I am, I can also tell you that on Twitter, @EroticonUK’s tweets had over ​87,000 impressions​ over the weekend and in the days running up to Eroticon. We also had over 2,000 tweets on the #eroticon tag over the course of the weekend, which achieved over 6.4 million impressions. Not only did we thoroughly rinse the wifi, but on Saturday #eroticon was trending on Twitter in London and the South East. During the month of March 2017 we saw over ​2,700 tweets on the #Eroticon tag​, getting a total of ​8.9 million impressions​. Together, you are a seriously mighty community.

Feedback and plans for 2018

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey for 2017’s event – we were delighted with the response, especially that 100% of the people who responded said they’d like to come again! There are a few quick wins you helped us identify to make 2018’s event even better:

  • The reintroduction of the KinkLab on Saturday – quite a few people asked for the opportunity to take part in or watch demonstrations of fun, kinky things! So we’ll be bringing this back – Sheets of San Francisco will be hosting a demo for us on Saturday, and we have a few more fun Kinklab surprises in the works too.
  • Venue – overall people liked the new venue, and we got some lovely comments about how friendly and helpful the venue staff were. There have been a couple of suggestions on layout/chill-out spaces and toilets which we’ll discuss with the Arlington House staff. We will definitely be in the same venue next year though as although there may be a few tweaks needed the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
  • Saturday night social – the introduction of the Saturday night social was a success, though this year we will be hosting the social in a different, more private venue. Venue TBC – we’re scouting right now!
  • Volunteers and assistance – lots of people volunteered to help out, either with promoting the event or stepping up as an ambassador while the weekend is running. Huge thanks to everyone who put their name forward – we will be in touch in due course!
  • Talks and workshops – lots of people have put forward ideas for talks and workshops too – thank you all! We will have a talk proposal form up on the site soon, and we are also approaching some speakers based off your ideas and our speaker wishlist too. Eroticon 2018 will continue to be a mix of talks and workshops covering how to improve your writing/blogging, how to earn money from your work, and inspiration for posts (which includes campaigning topics as well as key issues writers should be aware of). If you have a good idea for a session please subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know when the application form is up. If you have an idea for a speaker you’d like us to approach, get in touch by email or on Twitter @EroticonUK.

Ticket prices

I’m putting this one separately as it didn’t come from feedback forms, but it’s worth mentioning: it costs a lot of money to put on an event like this, but our top priority is making sure as many people can come as possible. Thanks to fantastic support from sponsors last year, and you all writing lots of posts about Eroticon, we’re confident we’ll find enough sponsorship this year that we can reduce ticket prices.

Full-price tickets are down from £170 to £160, and if you get in really quickly we have one Earlybird ticket left at a discount price of £140.

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