Eroticon 2018 – some very important thank yous!

Eroticon couldn’t possibly happen without the incredibly hard work and generous support of lots and lots of people. From our incredible sponsors who cover a large proportion of our costs to the fantastic speakers who make Eroticon weekend so inspiring and worthwhile, and of course every single person who attends for contributing their thoughts, ideas and enthusiasm.

We hope that you all had a wonderful time, and that you’ve come away with lots of ideas for the coming year – whether that’s topics to write about on your blog, plans for promoting your work, new sex toys that you want to try out, or new friends to connect with online.


We would absolutely love your feedback to help us plan next year’s conference, and to that end there’ll be a survey coming round via the email list in the next week or so, so please do keep an eye out for that in your inboxes!

But before we start planning for 2019 (eek!), we’d like to thank all the incredible people who contributed their time, effort and resources over Eroticon 2018. Here are all their links in one place so it’s easy for you to link to them, find their work, and share the things that you like.

Eroticon 2018 sponsors

Our fantastic sponsors not only pay for a large proportion of the conference costs, they also make the conference more fun by getting really stuck into the talks and workshops as well as the Kinklab demo. Please do link to them and follow them on their social channels where you can. If you didn’t get the chance to chat to our sponsors at the event, but you want to collaborate/review their products/just send them some love, let us know and we can put you in touch.

View a twitter list of all our 2018 sponsors.

And the other companies and individuals who contributed towards delegate sponsorship – this helps us make the conference accessible to people on low incomes by offering a number of free day tickets each year:

Goody bag contributors! Huge thank you to these folks who – alongside our official sponsors – contributed products to your goody bags for the weekend. 


Eroticon 2018 speakers

To make things easier if you’d like to follow everyone, you can view a twitter list of our fabulous speakers here.


Saturday night performers

When we’d booked the venue for Saturday night, we didn’t quite reckon on a snowstorm in mid-March, so we weren’t really able to use all the nice gazebo space outside – apologies for the crush! But huge thank you to these two incredibly talented people, who managed to entertain us even in a very crowded space!

Book people!

We also want to thank the incredible people who helped bring books to Eroticon – in the physical and the metaphorical sense.

Anna Sky and Zak Jane Keir  – Anna is the founder of Resonance Press, publisher of the Eroticon anthology ‘Truth‘ as well as last year’s anthology – Identity. Zak is the hard-working editor who, together with Anna, managed to bring your wonderful stories and essays together in this incredible collection. Thank you so much to both of them for their incredibly hard work! And thank you also to Tabitha Rayne, who provided the sexy cover art for this year’s anthology!

Victoria Blisse and Kev Blisse – as well as running the excellent SmutUK, Kev and Victoria also run our book stall at Eroticon so you can pick up some fantastic smut to read on your journey home from Eroticon!

And of course big thank you to all of the amazing authors in our Eroticon anthology.

The Other Livvy, Jerusalem Mortimer, Rachael Kaye, Ina Morata, Amy Norton, Molly Moore, Emmeline Peaches, Jean Roberta, Marie Rebelle, eye, Jadis, Eve Ray, Zoë King, Pixie Heart, Girl on the Net, Franklin Mercer, Candysnatch, Alun Norley, Julie Jones, Isabelle Lauren, Cara Thereon, Luv Bunny, Hannah Lockhardt, Zak Jane Keir, Hyacinth Jones, Aurora Glory, Drew Stone, and Ros Ballinger.

Eroticon ambassadors + volunteers

Behind the scenes and right in the middle of the action, all of these people made such a valuable contribution we absolutely couldn’t have done it without them.

Arlington House staff

If you’ve ever spoken to Molly, Michael or I about venue-hunting and event planning, you’ll have heard how difficult it is to find venues in a central location that are accessible and affordable. As well as being both of those things, Arlington House is also incredibly welcoming to us, which isn’t always the case with a sex event. 

So huge thanks to Yusef, Kamal and the rest of the lovely team for all their help. And if any of you are planning corporate conferences, here are the details for the Arlington House conference center. It’s a social enterprise, so their profits are poured back into their mission work – helping homeless and vulnerable people in London.


Everyone who came to Eroticon

Last but by no means least, Molly, Michael and I would like to thank every single one of you for coming along to Eroticon 2018. When all the talks are finished, and all the stands packed away, and the final pint has been drained in the pub afterwards, the thing which endures is all the connections people made, and the ideas shared with each other. It’s the people that make this event so valuable, and it’s the friendships and conversations that make it all worthwhile.

So huge thank you to every single one of you for coming along, getting stuck in, and hopefully taking the conversations that you started in Camden, and continuing them throughout the year.

You’re all amazing, thank you so much!

Molly, Michael and Sarah

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  • Jean Roberta 28 / 03 / 2018 Reply

    As a first-time attendee, I was amazed. Everything ran without a hitch, and the general good-will made up for the dismal weather outdoors! I live in mid-Canada, so going to Eroticon involved a long plane ride, with another long trip back in time for work. I usually go to erotic writing events in the U.S. (shorter distance), but have heard scary stories about travellers being harassed and detained at the U.S. border since Trump was elected U.S. President. Going to Eroticon was my alternative conference for the year. In the future, I will definitely plan to attend again, regardless of who gets elected where! (My dream trip would be to attend Eroticon, then have a longer holiday in the UK.)

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