Eroticon 2019 Thoughts by Silverdom

Which seems to be mostly about hugging.


  • Getting there way too early – just after 8am – because I was slightly nervous in a brand new three day old car in central-ish London, so wanted to avoid traffic.
  • Saved by Eye, who very kindly brought me cappuccino after my legs decided walking from the car – parked right outside Arlington House in a disabled bay – around the corner to get one was not gonna happen. Eye is a really nice person. I value nice.
  • Moo and Moo Himself. We have wanted to meet since we missed each other at Eroticon 2017. I think she wants to kick me in the nuts or something. 😛  Sadly, snow and ice kept me away in 2018. So, when the lease was up on our old car, I went for a 4WD so I could definitely get there this year! This means there will never be snow and ice where I am in the world. LOL! Anyway, Moo could only be there on Saturday. I could only make Sunday. Silvderop is hoping to come with  me next year, and we’ll stay at the Holiday Inn. It’ll be interesting to see how Team Moo reacts then.  😉
  • Feeling again, as I did in 2017, “These are my people.”. It is difficult to explain the power of this feeling, but those who were there will probably understand.
  • The long overdue meeting and hug with Rebel and Master T. I liked them both – as expected. I just hope I didn’t come over too fanboy.
  • Hugging Molly and Michael again. Didn’t Molly look particularly gorgeous on Sunday? She doubtless did earlier in the con’, but I was only there Sunday.
  • Hugging Bee again. It’s been two years, and she is one of the most awesomestest people I know. She’s also HotAsAllHellAndThenSome and I’m not sure she knows it.
  • Explaining my Broken Riders patch to a nice chap whose name I fail to remember. Sorry.
  • Sandra Lindsey, who is every bit as lovely and interesting in person as she is online. 🙂  She also gives excellent hugs.
  • Girl On The Net. She is at least as awesome irl as she is online. She gives great crushing huggage. Also, I can now say that the voice Silverdrop and I have only heard in our bedroom now has a face. I’m referring to GOTN’s excellent audio porn you pervs! I forgot to tell her that Silverdrop now hears her voice whenever she’s reading her blog. Also, I purchased two of her books at Eroticon, and then became tongue-tied and didn’t ask her if she could sign them when I had the chance. Being the lovely person that she is, she has since asked for my address so she can send me something to stick in the books. She’s awesome, did I mention that?
  • The first session I attended was Exposing40’s – Catherine. It was all about nude photography and how we perceive ourselves v. how others see us. As a serious amateur photographer – including nudes – I really enjoyed her session. It became even more fun when I realised the owner of many of the lovely arse shots on screen was sitting next to me! Reader, we hugged.
  • Cara Thereon is a blogger and photographer I have admired for a while now. It was a pleasure to finally meet her, as well as to attend her challenging session “You don’t see me because I am black.”
  • Naughty Tea Owl and her partner – known by me as the Hirsute One – who made a plea at the door to be let in to meet me – he wasn’t a delegate. And he didn’t even want to punch me on the nose! LOL! Also, NTO’s smile really does light up the room.
  • I have been reading Barefoot Sub’s blog for a little while now, and found it more than a little interesting. I was sitting around a table with Rebel, Master T, Hy – damn she’s awesome – , Little Switch Bitch, and Bianca from Helen’s Toybox, when Barefoot Sub, who was at the next table, and I realised who we were. We had not time to talk, sadly. Reader, we hugged – she’s gives very good ones.
  • Confess Hannah, who write in an often raw and honest way that I admire, was ill at Eroticon. I was still delighted to discover that she was sitting next to me at lunch.
  • It was a great joy to meet Julie – Master’s Pleasing Bitch – and her Master. They are interesting people and, in my orld, the epithet ‘interesting’ is a compliment. 🙂
  • A brief meeting with Kayla Lords and John Brownstone was a HappyThing. I got more time with John as I was leaving, as he was outside. Interesting people.
  • Rendering LittleSwitchBitch speechless. This, she tells me, is unusual.
  • Absent friends. There were a few loved faces missing this year – you know who yu are. I hope to see you next year. Your incentive is that there is a very good chance Silverdrop will be with me, and we’ll be there all weekend.
  • There were a few people I had wanted to say hello to that I missed.
  • There are people I have forgotten to mention… the lovely Coffee and Kink, InnocentLoverBoy, Victoria Blisse and more. Sorry if I’ve forgotten anybody.
  • I repeat: “These are my people!” It is hard for me to describe how wonderful if feels to be able to relax and be me in ‘public’. Thank you.

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  • Marie Rebelle 12 / 04 / 2019 Reply

    It was absolutely amazing meeting you, SD, and I hope next year we will get a lot more time to talk, with you and your beautiful wife 😊

    Rebel xox

  • Posy Churchgate 12 / 04 / 2019 Reply

    It does sound as if it was a huggathon for you! Loved what you took away from the event. I’m sorry we couldn’t meet, I only came to the Saturday lectures. But next year I really want to attend the whole thing. Thanks for sharing.

  • LittleSwitchBitch 13 / 04 / 2019 Reply

    It is – once nerves go, I have been known to be called a chatterbox 😀

    I am all up for round 2 next year, SD 😛 x

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