Eroticon 2020 Anthology Done Different

We know people have been waiting for submissions to open to submit for the Eroticon Anthology, but after several discussions with Resonance Press we have decided we need to make a change going forward. As you can imagine creating the anthology takes a whole lot of work under some pretty tight deadlines and so we are altering how we do things going forward. Instead of taking submissions now and then having the anthology ready for Eroticon 2020 we are going to open submissions at the close of the 2020 conference and close the submissions in September for publication in time for Eroticon 2021.  Nearer the time we will put up a poll for the theme suggestions.

We know that this not ideal, but schedules and timelines can be challenging and we hope that this will make life easier for everyone going forward. We would like to thank  Resonance Press for all their hard work to make this anthology possible and we look forward to seeing all the great works this inspires from all who submit.  

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  • Morgan 14 / 11 / 2019 Reply

    I was so excited to be featured in last year’s anthology, it looked so polished and brilliant! If the schedule has to change to keep something so excellent possible, I’m totally happy to wait 💙

  • N 13 / 03 / 2020 Reply


    Will the call for submissions still be starting from next week?

    Best wishes

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