Eroticon 2021 Update

Apologies for the silence in the Eroticon world. After taking a couple of months to sort out all the issues that arose from cancelling the 2020 conference at the last minutes I decided that I needed a break from this project to work on some other things but also to just take some time and recharge my Eroticon batteries. I have always been waiting for the Covid situation with regards to events and traveling to become clearer so that I could make a decision about Eroticon 2021 and when the next event would be.

Putting Eroticon together is not a quick or easy job. It takes many months or planning and work to bring the whole thing together on that one weekend. The shortest time I have ever managed to do it in the past was 7 months lead time and that was with 3 of us working on the project. I had decided towards the end of last year that I could probably do it on my own in 5+ months. Ambitious? Definitely but I was confident. However that would mean that I would need to be absolute sure at the beginning of that 5 month process that the event could take place

When I cancelled the event last year I earmarked September 2021 as being when the next event would be but I have after a lot of thought and talking to a lot of people decided that is just not possible to have Eroticon 2021. I can’t risk having to cancel again. The event is not viable if the government decided that there was a limit on numbers to maintain social distancing and it is just not possible to bring in sponsors or even sell tickets for an event that is only a maybe and finally with travel, especially international travel, being so limited that has a fairly big impact on who can attend. All those factors mean that having it this September is just not a practical option.

But do not fear because Eroticon will most definitely be back and I hope that by moving it back into 2022 it will mean that is can return without any issues and will be bigger and better than ever before.

I have been working with our amazing venue Arlington House, in Camden to settle on a date for that event and also communicating with the current sponsors all of whom are completely supportive of this decision and have committed to being sponsors in 2022. At this point in time I have reserved two dates for the 2022 event. (20th – 22nd May and the 17th-19th June 2022) The front runner of those two dates is the one in June but I am interested to know what you, the attendees or potential attendees think so please do vote in the poll below and if you have any thoughts you want to share then please do leave a comment.

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I am sure many of you will be disappointed about there not being an Eroticon 2021. I know I am but also I believe that this way will safe guard the future of the event and mean that when it does happen it can do so without any issues or restrictions.

If you are a current ticket holder then your ticket will of course remain valid for that event. If you rolled over your ticket and waiting until 2022 is too long for you then drop me an email and we can work out a refund

Tickets for the 2022 event will go on sale in early 2022 as long as the situation with regards to Covid and travel have continued to improve.

In the meantime I will be picking things back up here on the site and actually have plans for some online events but they won’t be starting until later in the summer so watch this space for more news on that in a little while.

Be safe and well

Molly Moore

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

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  • Alik 16 / 07 / 2021 Reply

    Just found this site would like to be updated on the event for 2022.


  • Marysol James 24 / 09 / 2021 Reply

    Good morning! I’d like very much to know more about the possibility of attending the 2022 Eroticon as a writer.

    At the moment, I have self-published 29 romance novels (most of which became Amazon best sellers) and I am now planning to start writing BDSM-based work. I have spent the past 3 years immersed in the BDSM world on a personal level, and am now confident that I can do it justice as a writer.

    I’m sure that plans for a conference are very tentative right now, but if there are any movements towards accepting attendees, could I please know about that?

    Thank you!

  • Luvbunny 15 / 01 / 2022 Reply

    I think either weekend would be fine for me.

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