Keeping content creators safe from platforms’ gaze: findings from research and ‘algorithmic gossips’

Keeping content creators safe from platforms' gaze: findings from research and 'algorithmic gossips'

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Content creators who post nudity, sex education, sexuality, sex work and sexual expression are increasingly under threat of platform censorship via content deletion and outright de-platforming. Spaces for our content online are shrinking, and it's increasingly tricky to reach new audiences and... you know... to even make a living. Using Dr Sophie Bishop's notion of “algorithmic gossip” - or the shared knowledge about platform processes - as well as findings from my own academic research on content moderation and platform governance, I am putting forward a session to empower sexy content creators to stay safe from and deal with censorship, sprinkling it with some personal experience gained through my own brushes with shadowbanning, de-platforming and meetings with platform workers. .

Mon 4:50 pm - 12:00 am