Eroticon schedule

The schedule is provisional and subject to change.

You can download a PDF version of the Eroticon 2013 schedule here.


9.00 – 9.45 : Registration

9.45 – 10.00 : Welcome : Ruby Kiddell

10.00 – 10.30 : Opening plenary : Brook : Sex: we can’t go backwards

10.30 – 11.15 : Session 1

Creative writing 1 : Adding texture, depth and threads of woo to your writing : Kristina Lloyd

Popular and critically-respected erotica author, Kristina Lloyd, explores how to use imagery, setting and take risks with language to enrich your fiction and add layers of meaning. We’ll examine how the pleasure found in words used both within and outside a ‘sex scene’ can enhance the overall eroticism of a piece. There will be short writing exercises aimed at sparking new ways of thinking.

Who is it for? Writers with some experience who wish to build on the basics to develop descriptive techniques, create vivid prose and write stories that will linger with their readers.

Myth busting: the submissive woman : Molly Moore

Led by established sex blogger, Molly Moore, this is an open workshop for participants to learn about all the various types of submission. To address some of the common misconceptions about submission and to give writers, bloggers etc a more realistic view of being a submissive woman. Exploring the different ways in which submission is linked to sexual desires and fulfilment and learning that submission requires strength of character and is not a weakness.

Who is it for: Writers and bloggers of all experience levels

Mobile and digital publishing : Maureen Scott of Ether Books

11.15 – 11.30 : Coffee

11.30 – 12.15 : Session 2

Editing : Let’s eat, pussy : Cressida Downing

A session covering the importance of good editing in erotica.

  • What distinguishes good erotica from badly written porn?
  • Why all writing needs editing. What you should look out for when polishing your drafts.
  • Particular issues around erotica and editing.
  • Using a professional editor.

Who is it for? Aimed at all writers of erotica, Powerpoint presentation, including a handout of a few basic grammatical mistakes.

An introduction to blogging basics : Indigo Moore

New to blogging and confused by it all?  In this session Indigo will take you through the available platforms and what can be done with them. She’ll discuss why everyone should have a web presence and how blogging is the easiest way to do that and discuss how you can maximise your potential audience.  You’ll leave with a basic understanding of where and how to start in blogging and the confidence to ‘have a go’.

Who is it for: For those writers who feel that they need to connect with readers (both current and potential), but perhaps lack the web experience or confidence to feel that they can set up and run their own blog.

Sex education 1 : Erotica , its role in relationships & expanding sexualities – Petra Boynton and Meg Barker

Discussion looking at the ways in which erotic writing can expand our ideas about sex and sexuality.

Who is it for: all levels, all experiences

12.30 – 13.15 : Session 3

Creative writing 2 : The Lens of Eroticism: Romanticism with a big R & Eroticism with a big E. Remittance Girl

With literally thousands of erotica novels being published every year, how do you write the unpredictable? This workshop will offer tools to help writers eroticize their stories beyond the sex scene. We’ll be looking at how detail & conflict are the engines of the erotic: in character, setting, plot and language. We’ll also examine how to approach sex scenes from unusual angles, and look at strategies for avoiding the predictable. Attendees are asked, if possible, to bring a notebook and have a pairing and a setting to work with.

Who is it for : novice and experienced writers seeking to improve their writing.

Photography 1 : What makes a good erotic photograph? : John Tisbury

John will take you through a range of images from his photography portfolio and discuss the elements of the image including framing and composition, technical aspects, artistic decisions and creativity. He will discuss areas for improvement, how to develop creativity, how he works with models and what makes a good photographer. The session will be informal and interactive allowing time for questions.

Who is it for : Anyone wishing to learn more about erotic photography

13.15 – 14.15 : Lunch

14.15 – 15.30 : Session 4

Writing for the adult industry : Ruby Goodnight

Leading adult web writer Ruby Goodnight shares her experience on writing for the adult industry. With tips on how to find employment, getting your name out there and how to tailor your writing style for commercial sites.

Who is it for: Writers who are looking to monetize their writing in a different way, bloggers & erotica writers looking to expand into porn.

Pitching to publishers : Hazel Cushion

How can you make your work stand out from the crowd and secure you a publishing deal? Hazel Cushion, founder and Managing Director of Xcite Books will share with you the do’s and don’t of approaching publishers. Discover what makes them want you and what turns them off. You’ve invested your time and creativity so discover what insider tips will give you the edge on securing a publishing deal.

Who is it for : any writer wishing to move forward with getting published

Diversity 1 : Disability and sex : Ruth Browne : Les Browne

A workshop to look at sex and disability to help increase awareness of the issues around the subject. Discussions will include looking at current myths and beliefs and how sex and erotica can be made inclusive and accessible for varying degrees of abilities.

Who is it for: All people of all abilities, to illustrate how sex and eroticism is limitless if you use your imagination, creativity and a little humour!

15.30 – 15.45 : Coffee

15.45 – 16.30 : Session 5

Erotic Podcasting – How to tell your stories with your voice : The High Tea Cast

Award winning podcast and radio DJ duo Lea & Sam from The High Tea Cast will take you on a whistlestop tour of podcasting, and why audio is the next stop for your blog, writing or book endeavours. This highly interactive session will tell you all you need to know about using audio for both erotic writing and everyday blogging, help you plan your first bit of audio and give you the chance to get on the mic.

You’ll go away dying to grab a karaoke mic and get recording, and we’ll provide you with a handout and jingles to get started with.

Who is it for: anyone wanting to learn the basics of podcasting and how to integrate it into their blog

Creative writing 3 : Short ‘n Tweet: A Philosophy of Writing Sex on Twitter : Vena Ramphal

Nowadays, one of the first things people say to me is, “I love your tweets.”

I’m NOT a social media expert; I just love twitter. I’m more playful and experimental in my tweets than in any other writing format. I have a theory that one word on twitter has the same impact as twenty words in a blog. Potentially.

I’ll share my processes and guidelines for using twitter as an authoring tool. We’ll cover the process of constructing a sex tweet (its the opposite of writing a blog); how to create a distinctive twitter tone; how to position your voice and content in relation to your twitter audience.

We’ll finish with you writing your own perfect sex tweet.

Who is it for : Word-lovers and the Twitter-curious.

Self publishing 1 : Getting started when you go it alone : MK Elliott : Guy New York

A workshop for those beginning with self-publishing, covering what and what not to do.

Who is it for: anyone wantingn to move towards with self-publishing

16.30 – 17.00 : Closing plenary :  Ruby Kiddell

17.00 : Close


9.00 – 9.45 : Registration

9.45 – 10.00 : Welcome : Ruby Kiddell

10.00 – 10.30 : Opening plenary :  Ruby Kiddell 

10.30 – 11.15 : Session 1

Anthologies panel : Maxim Jakubowski : Lucy Felthouse : Victoria Blisse : Rachel Kramer Bussel

A panel to answer your questions on getting your work in to anthologies.

Photography 2 : Mario Cacciottolo

Everyday portraits, top tips for taking better portraits.  Bring a camera, big or small or on you phone.

Who is it for: Anyone wanting to brush up on their portrait skills

Diversity 2 : Polyamory 101 : Lori Smith : Amanda Jones

Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Yes, it is possible to love more than one person! Whether you are an erotica writer looking to research polyamory for your writing or someone who’s just wondering how it works, Lori and Amanda will provide you with a useful introduction to this fascinating aspect of romantic/sexual relationships.

This session is open to anyone with an interest in multiple loving relationships. As well as an introduction to the many ways polyamory differs from monogamy, Lori and Amanda will discuss its relevance to and use in fiction narrative. There will be a chance to ask questions anonymously in this session, so no prior knowledge is required.

Who is it for : anyone interested in learning more about polyamory and how to write about it thoughtfully.

11.15 – 11.30 : Coffee

11.30 – 12.15 : Session 2

Creative writing 4 : Breaking the greatest taboo in sex writing: poetry writing : Ashley Lister

The workshop will be an exploration of creative writing using short poetic forms to encourage writers to focus on unfamiliar aspects of language and unfamiliar approaches to getting words on paper.

Who is it for : All writers from the novice to the experienced.

Top ten tips for writing a sex blog : Molly Moore

Top ranked sex blogger Molly Moore, takes you through the top 10 keys points you need to keep in mind when writing a successful blog. Perfect for new or established bloggers and authors who want to get more traffic to their blog.

Who is it for: Writers and bloggers of all experience levels.

Diversity 3: Getting the language of sex right – Justin Hancock

Workshop looking at using language that is clear and inclusive when writing about sexual and gender diversity.

Who is it for : All levels, all experience

12.30 – 13.15 : Session 3

Publishers panel : Hazel Cushion : Remittance Girl

What’s hot and what’s not in the world of erotic publishing? The publishing panel will share their thoughts on trends and tips on what they are looking for. This is a unique opportunity to meet the decision makers from within the publishing world and find out what their companies are looking for. When will the 50 Shades bubble burst and what will follow it? You can ask them this and much, much more…

Sex education 2 : Storytelling and sex : Brook : Emily Dubberly : Meg Barker

Panel discussion how sexual storytelling can be used for the positive communication of sexuality, relationships and sexual health messages.

Who is it for: Anyone wanting to develop an awareness of sexual health messages and how they can be conveyed via blogs both fiction and factual

SEO love : Michael Knight

Improve your website’s visibility to search engines by using a variety of free tools to effectively deliver organic traffic and ensure an on-going and engaged audience. Additionally you will learn how to integrate Twitter, Facebook and a host of other Social Media networks to consolidate your web presence.

Who is it for: Anyone with a website hoping to improve traffic and search results

13.15 – 14.15 : Lunch

14.15 – 15.00 : Creative writing 5: Finessing Sex : K D Grace

KD Grace will take writers beyond the slang of the old ‘in and out’ and beyond the biology of coitus to the other levels where sex takes place and will show how well-written sex shapes the story and the characters. The session will involve some writing and some brainstorming and hopefully a whole lot of finessing what we all want to write right. Though the session is designed to help newbies break through to a deeper level of writing sex, it will also help anyone writing sex in fiction do the same.

Who is it for: Anyone wanting to improve their fictional sex scenes

Blogging for sex work : Violet Rose : Ms Tytania : Ruby Goodnight

A round table discussion on blogging for sex workers and the adult industry; how to reach out to clients, security, anonymity and more.

Who’s it for: anyone working as a professional sex worker or those seeking to understand more about the issues faced by sex workers online.

Tools Of The BDSM Trade : Molly Moore : Michael Knight

This is your chance to explore some of the various implements and items that are used within BDSM play. Molly and Michael will explain how each of these things may be used in various ways from sensation play to heavy impact. This is your chance to see and touch a large variety of BDSM toys and ask questions of both the Dom and the sub and find out what it feels like to both give and receive. This session will be a fun and relaxed environment in which you can learn and explore.

Who is it for : Anyone interested in learning more about BDSM equipment & how it is used.

15.00 – 15.15 : Coffee

15.15 – 16.30 : Session 5

Sex toy testing on your blog : Nymphomaniac Ness

Find out how to integrate sex toy reviews into your blog.

Sex and the Media : Zoe Margolis : Nichi Hodgson

A panel discussion of sex and its representation in the media. Bring your questions and expect a lively and thought provoking discussion.

Self publishing 2 : Sell ebooks and make money : MK Elliott : Guy New York

A workshop looking at marketing and promoting your self-published ebooks.

Who is it for: anyone looking to polish their ebook marketing skills

16.30 – 17.00 : Closing plenary : Cindy Gallop

17.00 : Close