Eroticon Reading 2023

After lunch on the Sunday of Eroticon it is time to grab your dessert and a cup of your brew of choice and head to the main room and listen to some of the fabulous smutty writers who attend the conference read some of their fabulous smutty words to you.

Could one of those writers be you?

Only if you apply to be one of them.

If you are interested in reading a piece of your work during this session then head over to the Eroticon Readings Application form, read the The Rules, and then fill in the form.

You do have to submit the piece you wish to read in full in the form. If you do not do this then you will not be selected. Also please do not submit one piece and then substitute it something else on the day.

The reason for doing this is firstly it ensures that none of the pieces are overly long. There is a strict time limit to allow for as many people as possible to have a turn and so we ensure we don’t end up with say, 6 blow jobs (I know blow jobs are good but variety of the spice of life) but a cross section of story genres/voices.

We also recommend going to Girl on the Net’s session that is about performing your work, especially if you are nervous about reading.

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