Write Sex Right joins Google Plus

Are you on Google Plus? Write Sex Right is.

But I know what you’re thinking,

“Who? What? Where? Oh no not ANOTHER social media thingy to suck my time and drive me insane”

Short answers are: Us, hanging out on G+. Yes another social media thingy but if you are a writer or blogger looking to share content, find content and  build a readership then G+ is worth getting to know and building into your social media plan.

If you have an existing social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, G+ is a compliment to them, another space with the potential to reach a different audience and with the power of Google behind it G+ is going to have SEO (search engine optimisation) impact that it would be foolish to ignore.

Setting up a profile is simple and from there you can search and add people to your circles, don’t forget to add the Write Sex Right page so we can add you back, once you’ve done that it is easy to share and talk to new friends and old.

You can find us with @writesexright or @Ruby Kiddell or use the hashtags #writesexright and #eroticon2013

We’ll be using G+ a lot more over the coming months and sharing tips and tricks as we learn them, in the mean time have a read of this guide from Mashable to learn more about G+.

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