Eroticon USA – strictly social!

With only a few days until Eroticon USA we’re finalising plans for the all important social events.

If you’re arriving Friday you can put names to faces at our meet and greet at the bar of The Georgian Terrace Hotel on 659 Peachtree.

You’ll find us there from 8pm, dress up or dress down – but let’s not scare the locals or they won’t let us back!

On Sunday we’ll be brunching from 11:00 am at The Broadway Diner at 620 Peachtree to give everyone time to hold off the Eroticon Drop for a couple of hours before we all have to head back to the real world.

We are still working on the Saturday reading venue but as soon as we know you’ll know!

A huge thank you to Molly and Domsigns for organising the locations and we’re looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Don’t forget to use the #eroticonUSA hashtag to join in the conference conversation on Twitter.


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