Six of the best : Notebooks

Top six notebooks for writers and bloggers

I don’t know a writer or blogger who isn’t just a little bit addicted to notebooks. Maybe it is the lure of the blank page, the promise that you will have all the amazing story or blog ideas once you’ve found the perfect notebook.

Here are six of my favourite notebooks to help you keep your ideas in order.

69% quote notebook – though I’d hope that for sex bloggers and erotica writers the percentage would be much higher.

Keep all your best ideas under lock and key with this handmade leather notebook.

Never forget a good idea again, who knows which idea seeds will grow into the blockbuster erotica novel.

Gold lips notebook, a suggestive simple notebook.

I love pink and I love shoes, so this pink brogue notebook is my perfect match.

Simple and stylish, Pantone notebook

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