Bits and Pieces #2

Yes it is that time again. Bits and Pieces #2 a round-up of interesting things I have found on my journey around the interwebs!

Eroticon stuff

Yes I am starting with some shameless self promotion again. We have a whole host of fabulous sponsors on board now. Without their generous support Eroticon probably would be cost prohibitive so please do take some time to check them out. They are all fabulous companies and we are delighted to be working with them.

You should also have a look at our Speaker Page. We are so excited about the people we have signed up to give session so far and more are constantly being added.

If you are looking for somewhere to stay during Eroticon then you should check out this post: Eroticon Accommodation: a place to lay your head. As it is jammed packed full of ideas for every budget.

Finally we also have a call for submissions for the Eroticon anthology which is open to all Eroticon delegates. Yet another reason to buy a ticket, don’t you think?

Kink Olympixxx

Myles Jackman along with Pandora Blake and others are organising a protest event against the Digital Economy Bill. If you live in the UK and are free on Monday please do consider supporting them in their efforts. If not then maybe you could write something about it, post on your social media or consider making a donation to one of the organisers campaigns.  The Backlash Kink Olympixxx, will be held outside Parliament on Monday the 17th October 2016 between 12-2pm. Full details be can be found on their website Kink Olympixxx

Penis Museum

Do you have any travel plans to Iceland? If you do then you absolutely must check out the Penis Museum in Reykjavik. It sounds both fascinating and slightly macabre and features 286 different penis specimens from numerous different species and shows the astounding breadth of design when it comes to the male member. There is even one human penis. I can’t say Iceland has ever featured highly in my ‘must visit’ list of destinations but knowing it is the home of the only Penis Museum on the planet does make it a much more intriguing destination.

Sex Toys and Boyfriends.

Sadly there are still plenty of people in this world who think that sex toys for women are instead of boyfriends (it is definitely a heterosexual thing by the way, no one seems to be concerned about it being an issue for female same sex partners) and that if you have a sex toy you might want to keep it quiet from men in case it puts them off shagging you. The whole idea is completely ludicrous and Girly Juice has written one of the best posts on this subject I have read in a very long time.  “Every Feminist’s Ideal Boyfriend…”

Birth of a Dildo

Godemiche make dildos, but this is not some mass factory production. This is hand crafted artistry. They are passionate about what they do and about their brilliant products. They are also one of our fabulous sponsors for Eroticon 2017. This video not only gives you a glimpse into Adam and Monika’s creative process but it also shows perfectly how much fun they have whilst running their business.


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  • Modesty Ablaze 15 / 10 / 2016 Reply

    Wonderful post . . . and I LOVE the Godemiche Certificate video. Wonderfully brilliant and hilarious!

    I’d never considered a multi-coloured one, until now! LOL!!!

    Wonderful !!!

    Xxx – K

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