Eroticon Ambassadors 2018

Last year we decided to instigate a new system of Eroticon Ambassadors at the conference after the idea was pitched to us by Horny Geek Girl who was one of the Ambassadors for 2017.  Myself, Girl on the Net and Michael try really hard to spend time with people and make everyone feel welcomed and relaxed but there are a lot of you and only 3 of us and we have many responsibilities over the course of the weekend that often mean we can’t always be on hand to help if someone just needs a friendly face.

The role of the Eroticon Ambassadors is to be a friendly point of contact for delegates particularly for those people who are new to the event or are feeling nervous and/or shy or maybe even a little bit overwhelmed by it all.  They will be around to help you if you need someone to just sit and have a chat for a bit with or you need a quiet hug and some reassurance or help finding someone you would like to meet.

Clearly they are delegates too so they will obviously be attending sessions but they will be on hand during the Friday night meet and greet, the Saturday social and during lunch and break times through the conference.

This year our two Ambassadors are Candy Snatch and Sub Bee

During the morning introductions we will make sure that we point them out to everyone and also they will have Eroticon Ambassador on their delegate badge to help you identify them.


Ps… you can also find both our ambassadors on Twitter



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