Cloud Climax Eroticon 2020 Sponsor

Eroticon 2020SPonsor Cloud Climax


Cloud Climax is thrilled to be sponsoring Eroticon 2020 and to begin to get to know the wonderful community of bloggers, writers and creatives that share our passion for all things erotic.

At Cloud Climax we love helping people live out their fantasies using cutting edge technology and products. Your erotic fantasies may range from the simplest daydream when you’re feeling horny to an elaborate role-play scenario, and they show how important imagination and creativity are to a fulfilling sex life.

The sex toy industry is incredibly creative at the moment with new technologies and products being developed all the time. In recent years there’s been an explosion in app-controlled toys, and we’re now seeing more and more products using Virtual Reality, robotics and artificial intelligence. From sex machines to virtual reality to app-controlled vibrators, technology is changing the way we experience sex, relationships and intimacy. Imagination is the link between technology and living out your fantasies!

Cloud Climax is best known as a sex doll retailer and since 2013 we’ve worked hard to build up a reputation as the most trusted doll retailer in the UK, now its time for us to focus on bringing the same energy and trust to our sex toy store.

While we can’t be at Eroticon in person this year, we’re looking forward to following the weekend and meeting the delegates virtually on Twitter, follow us at @cloud_climax

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