Write Bodies That Don’t Follow the Rules

Write Bodies That Don't Follow the Rules

Lou KaneConference Room 3

Erotica requires us to sit with the human body. To write what it's capable of alone, with one person, with many. So, what do we do with bodies that exist outside the bounds of expectation? Bodies with clits that are cocks? Vaginas that are simply second holes? Genitalia that refuses naming? We write around it and through it and with it. This session will look at how, to first, shed the notion that bodies must follow rules (if a character believes they have a cock, then by god, they have a cock). We'll then look at how to actually write sex that enables characters to inhabit the reality that works best for them and their body. Prompts will be provided to empower attendees to practice writing fuller characters and more interesting sex

Sun 5:22 pm - 12:00 am